Red Dragon Wooden Sword

Price: $26.95
Red Dragon Wooden Sword
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Red Dragon Wooden Sword

Price: $26.95
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The fluid techniques and motions of a samurai or kenjutsu master are impressive to behold. Through hours of dedicated training, these swordsmen develop control over their katanas, wakizashis, and other Japanese swords, elevating their art to pristine levels of precision. Mastery of the katana, however, does not begin with a sharp blade. Students of kendo and kenjutsu train with unsharpened katanas to practice their skills, build muscle memory, and reduce the risk of injury while training. This Red Dragon Wooden Sword is a solid wood practice katana for safely training your katana skills! With a blunt wooden blade, removeable tsuba and habaki, tsukamaki style handle wrap, and a gorgeous red lacquer finish and carved dragon pattern, this wooden bokken is a great practice sword for kendo, a fantastic costume weapon, or a lovely display piece!

Learning to wield a katana or wakizashi takes time and effort, but it shouldn't cost you injuries as well. To safely practice blade techniques, kendo practice swords are made from materials such as wood, bamboo, hard plastic, and compact foam. This training katana is a wooden bokuto sword with an unsharpened edge for practice! Crafted from wood, this bokken sword weighs 1 pound, 9.4 ounces overall, light enough to help you learn the movements and techniques while heavy enough to provide a realistic feel that will build muscle memory. The 29.75-inch solid wood blade has a blunt edge, reducing the risk of injury while practicing alone or with a partner. Like a sharp katana, the 9.5-inch handle of this wooden katana is wrapped to enhance your grip. The black nylon wrap crosses over the handle in a diamond-shaped tsukamaki style pattern, just like the wrappings on the handles of genuine samurai swords. Between the handle and the blade are the black plastic tsuba (guard) and rubber habaki. The habaki helps to keep the 3 inch diameter tsuba locked into place. However, both of these components may be removed to suit your training needs!

Although this wood bokuto practice sword makes a great training weapon for kendo or kenjutsu, it has a beautiful design befitting of the fine katanas it emulates. The entire length of this 40-inch long bokken has a smooth, glossy red lacquer finish that gleams under the light. Carved into the wood is a winding dragon that coils around the blade. In Japanese culture, dragons are legendary creatures associated with power, wisdom, and protection. Even if you don't use this wood martial arts weapon for training, it would make a wonderful display piece or cosplay weapon. With its authentic design, this safe katana could be the finishing touch to an awesome costume!

Mastering the katana is a journey, but that journey can be safer while training with one of these wooden practice weapons. If you are looking for wooden bokkens or bokuto swords for kendo or kenjutsu, these blunt wooden katanas are great for practicing martial arts and swordsmanship without as much risk for injury. They also make great costume or cosplay weapons! Get one of these Red Dragon Wood Swords for your martial arts training today!

Red Dragon Wooden Sword Highlights:

  • Crafted from Solid Hardwood
  • Glossy Red Lacquer Finish
  • Carved Dragon Pattern on Blade
  • Unsharpened Katana Style Blade
  • Black Tsukamaki Style Handle Wrap
  • Removeable Black Plastic Tsuba and Habaki
  • Realistic Weight and Feel for Training
  • Overall Length: Approx. 40 inches
  • Handle Length: Approx. 9.5 inches
  • Blade Length: Approx. 29.75 inches
  • Tsuba Diameter: Approx. 3 inches
  • Weight: Approx. 1 pound 9.4 ounces
  • Great for Kendo or Kenjutsu Practice!
  • Awesome Costume Prop or Cosplay Weapon!

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"For the price of this bokken I did not expect this quality. It is great in training and easy assembly, with the beautiful look of the sword overall. Like I guessed the handle wrappings would be a bit loose, but it's expected being that it is wrapped on slick and polished hardwood. Overall, great sword. Would recommend to everyone wanting to practice or have a great wall hanger."
Written By: Rayon Shortridge
4/2/22 - 9:07pm
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