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We Tested the Anti-Grab Stun Baton!

We Tested the Anti-Grab Stun Baton!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, we tested out the new Anti-Grab Stun Baton to see how effective it would be against an attacker who wants to take away your weapon. Watch the video to see how effective it really is!

As we've done in previous weeks, Amanda went back into the warehouse and chose some of our newest items for me to review. Be sure to watch the video to see my review of all the items.

The first item I tested was the Biohazard Throwing Ring. We've carried this item in the past, but brought it back again recently because it looks cool and I was curious how well it would stick into a target. This unique throwing weapon features a sharpened outer ring with a biohazard symbol on the inside. I really like the fact that it has a bright green center because that makes it easy to find if it gets lost while throwing in a wooded area. But, I've always been curious as to whether or not this is an effective throwing weapon, so I had to test it out. Watch the video to see how well it will throw at a target!

The second weapon I reviewed was the new Aluminum Hexagon Speedchucks with Grip. This solid metal weapon is hand-made and built-to-last by Kombativ. It weighs only about 14 ounces, which is similar to a standard wooden pair of nunchaku and features machined grooves to improve your grip. Watch the video to see my full review of this item.

The third box that Amanda brought me contained 3 different tire thumper, billy club or baton type weapons. The first one was the Hard Plastic Tire Thumper. Similar to some of our other hard plastic weapons, it is made of injection molded ABS plastic which is built to last. The second item in the box was the Solid Wood Tire Thumper. The beefy tire thumper is made from a heavy hardwood that is weighted perfectly for striking. The third item in the box was the Hard Rubber Billy Mace. Made from a flexible heavy-duty rubber, this weapon builds extra energy on it's strike because of it's recoil.

The fourth box I opened contained the Unchained Spring-Assisted Knife. At KarateMart, we carry knives in all price points, but one of the things I love about this particular knife is how good quality this knife is for how inexpensive it is. The handle and blade are made of a stonewashed stainless steel and it has one of the most unique looks I've ever seen in a knife.

The last item I tested out was the Anti-Grab Stun Baton. This stun baton is similar to some of our other stun batons, but with an added feature that is very unique. It has a grab guard anti-grab strip along the baton that will shock an attacker if they try to take away the baton from you. I normally test the stun batons by allowing Amanda to stun my arm or leg, but I decided to test this one out by grabbing the baton to take it away from Amanda. Watch the video to see what happened!

Here's the video:

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Dana Scruggs
2/24/22 - 11:16pm
I LOVE WEAPONS WEDNESDAY! When I get paid, I am going to buy the Stun Baton that can't be taken away from me! What is the actual name of this product? Kyle, excellent show! You and Amanda rock!

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