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New Weapons Tested: Stun Gun, Bowie Knife, Wakizashi and Combat Knives

New Weapons Tested: Stun Gun, Bowie Knife, Wakizashi and Combat Knives
KYLE IS BACK! This week, Kyle came back to test out some of our newest weapons that we just recently got into our warehouse. There was an awesome bowie knife, great combat knife and also a unique wakizashi. Amanda also had to choose her favorite type of weapons for his first week back though, a stun gun! Make sure to watch this video and see all of our newest weapons this week.

The first weapon that Kyle reviewed was the Combat Rescue Knife that is only available on KOMBATIV.com. This knife has so many great features and Kyle fell in love with it right away. The most fascinating thing about this knife is the sheath that it comes in. The sheath is made out of a rubberized ABS that makes it very comfortable to hold. It has a very sturdy pocket/belt clip that make it easy to either put on the side in your pocket or belt. It also has a way to become a boot knife with paracord or some other type of rope and it also has a lanyard hold as well if you wanted to wear it as a neck knife. The sheath also has a safety feature that has a trigger lock that prevents accidental dropping. The blade itself is also nice. It is made out of 440C stainless steel with a stonewashed finish, which makes it great for hiding dings over time with use. The tip and drop point blade are very sharp which makes it great for any outdoor needs. To make the grip more comfortable, it has a nice textured ABS handle with a rubberized grip. There is also a small pommel spike at the bottom with a small lanyard hole if you wanted to add a wrist strap. Overall, Kyle really liked this knife and was very surprised with the quality. Tune into the video to see how great this knife is!

For the second weapon, Kyle took a look at the Carbon Fiber Stun Gun. He was not pleased that he just got back and Amanda HAD to choose a stun gun. This stun gun is very similar to two of other stun guns that we carry which are the Comfort Grip Stun Gun and the Pink Comfort Grip Stun Gun. It has the same ergonomic grip that makes it very easy to hold onto without it slipping out of your hand. The weapon also has the same on/off sliding switch and a firing button. It also has a bright LED flashlight that really hurt Amanda's eyes when Kyle pointed it at her (payback I'm guessing). This stun gun also has feature that also differ from the other two. It has a built in wall charger in the stun gun so you do not have to have any type of USB cord to charge it. Also, instead of the rubberized grip, it has a carbon fiber print over the top of it. It also has a personal alarm on it as well so it will be easy to gather the attention of others. It also has a vinyl holster with a belt loop instead of a nylon one. The manufacturer did not state how volts the stun gun had, which Kyle liked more than certain other ones. So that meant that Amanda had to stun Kyle which made her VERY glad that Kyle was back. See the video to watch if Kyle can take the sting!

Next, Kyle reviewed the Combat Commando Knife. This knife is just awesome! The VERY thick stainless steel blade has a tracker/modified clip point blade that is very sharp. The blade is full tang and has some very pointed jimping on the top. Kyle was slightly concerned about it since it is so sharp, so he tested it out and it hurt his finger a bit. Due to that, Kyle recommends grinding down the jimping ever so slightly to make them more blunted. The handle is also a nice feature to have. It is made out of a comfortable black G10 handle with a rubberized grip, making it very easy for added control. The handle also has great ergonomics that also makes it easy to have great control as well. There is also a nice pommel spike with a lanyard hole to add a wrist strap if you wanted as well. Check out the video to see the full review!

The last weapon that Kyle tested out was the Modern Samurai Wakizashi. Wakizashi swords are always something that we try to find more of, since they are a very popular seller for us. Amanda had a hard time deciding if this is a sword that we should be carrying though. It is made with a very unique type of steel, the sword is made out of a tempered X46CR13 stainless steel. Having it tempered adds more strength to the wakizashi and the steel type means that is it harder, more wear resistant and corrosion resistant compared to other type of stainless steel. The sword is very well balanced and it full tang. The main reason why Amanda didn't know if we should carry the sword is due to the handle. It does have shock resistant rubber scales and handguard, but it has no ergonomics and it isn't very comfortable to hold. The handle is essentially just a giant rectangle which isn't great if you are really going to test this sword out. Kyle was interested to see how it would be anyways, so after testing it on the wing chun dummy, he realized that he didn't like it quite as much either. He still wanted the viewers to decide though, so we will see next week if we will be carrying it on not. Get to the video, then vote on the community tab if we should carry this wakizashi or not!

Here's the video:

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