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New Weapons This Week! Skull Crushers & Stun Guns!

New Weapons This Week!  Skull Crushers & Stun Guns!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, I wanted to show off some of our newest weapons including a hidden sword cane, some really unique looking blades and a brand new stun gun. I also had a special guest join me this week that I'm really excited about, so be sure to watch the video!

The first weapon I reviewed this week was the ulu knife. We just began carrying two different ulu knives, the Black Grip Ulu Knife and the Wood Grip Ulu Knife. I found these to be very interesting weapons because ulu knives are typically used for food preparation, but the ulu knives we just began carrying have been reimagined and redesigned to be more like a tactical fist blade.

The second item I looked at was the Skull Crusher Sword Cane. Unlike some of our other sword canes, this specific cane has a really heavy hammer head on the end of it which could be used as a war hammer. Overall, this felt like a very well made hidden weapon that could be used as a defensive weapon or even a survival tool.

The third item I checked out was the Stonewashed Knuckle Hatchet. I recently came across this weapon and found it be very unique in the respect that it could be used as a fist blade or a throwing weapon. The design is different than anything I've ever seen before, which makes it worthy of a Weapons Wednesday review.

Last of all, I tested out the Hidden Stun Gun Flashlight. I really like this stun gun because it's indistinguishable from a normal flashlight and very comfortable to carry with you. But, as with all the stun guns, I needed to test it out on video to see if it would be effective as a self-defense weapon.

Here's the video:

Which weapon is your favorite in this weeks video?

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