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We Tested Our Newest Stun Guns...and it Hurt!

We Tested Our Newest Stun Guns...and it Hurt!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, I tested out two of our newest stun guns. We are constantly getting new items at KarateMart.com, and in order to make sure they are worth carrying, we like to test them out. Check out the video!

We just began carrying a brand new stun gun that looks just like a cell phone, but due to it's size, I needed to test it to ensure that it was powerful enough to be an effective weapon. We also got in a new stun baton that looks like a tire thumper mini baseball bat, which I was really excited about because it looked like such an effective self-defense weapon even if the stun gun aspect wasn't effective on your attacker.

It may not show when watching this video, but I was extremely anxious about getting electrocuted. After getting shocked by the smartphone stun gun, I even told my assistant that I may not be able to finish the video because I was so nervous about getting shocked by the large stun baton. But, I gathered some courage and went through with the video. This is for entertainment purposes only. Don't try this at home!

Here's the Video:

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