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OTF Knuckle Knife and Other New Weapons Tested!

OTF Knuckle Knife and Other New Weapons Tested!
This week on Weapons Wednesday, we took a look at some of the newest weapons we just added to the KarateMart.com website. We have swords, batons, and OTF knives that were very fun to showcase. View the video to see what we thought of them!

For the first weapon I reviewed, we took a look at the Master Bushcraft Machete. This weapon I received as a birthday gift from one of our YouTube subscribers that I became great friends with. Once I saw it for myself though, I absolutely fell in love and knew I wanted to add it to our website. The machete is made out of a thick 1075 high carbon steel and has a textured pattern that just gives it such a unique look. It also has a great choil that is great for utility purposes. The scales on the handle are also made on walnut and have brass pins to keep it in place. The best part about this knife though, is that it is made by legendary knifemaker Gil Hibben! See the video to get the full review.

The second weapon I took a look at was the Black OTF Knuckle Knife only available on KOMBATIV.com. This thing is nuts! Not only is it an OTF knife, it is also a it is also a trench knife and knuckle dusters as well. The blade is made out of D2 steel and it looks amazing with the dual tone tanto tip. The rubberized grip on the weapon makes it so comfortable to hold and ease to punch. The spike on the pommel also provides an additional weapon which is great for hammer strikes. The main thing about this OTF knife though is that it is very important for you to check your local laws since OTF knives, trench knives and knuckle dusters are illegal throughout the US. Watch the video to see this amazing weapon in action!

Next, we tested out the Pocket Spring Coil Baton. This baton is interesting to say the least. It is made out of a solid steel construction with a black finish. It is small enough to fit in your pocket with ease and is very easy to open with a flick of the wrist. It was sturdy enough to withstand the a metal bucket without a problem. It also has a glass breaker that is great as an additional weapon and a removeable pocket clip as well. View the video to see this weapon!

For the last weapon we took a look at the Dark Legion Spartan Sword. This was Amanda's personal favorite and it was very easy to notice why! The sword is a modernized version of a spartan sword and it has very unique characteristics. It has a very sharp tip, a very broad belly on the upper part of the blade, and a straight edge blade close to the handle. It could stick and chop into the wing chun dummy with ease. The sword also features a 1065 high carbon steel blade has a black finish to it that really gives it a stealthy look. The handle is made out of a very comfortable nylon fiber handle and is actually a hook guard and not a d guard. This thing was able to take a beating and was very fun to test out so watch the video to see what it could withstand!

Here's the video:

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