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Can a Stun Gun Take Down a 230 Pound Man?

Can a Stun Gun Take Down a 230 Pound Man?
This week for Weapons Wednesday, I wanted to test out our most popular stun guns and see if they are actually effective enough to take down a large man. I'm 6'4" and 230 lbs, and I had my doubts about whether or not a stun gun would be able to stop me. So, we put some to the test!

The first stun gun we tested was the Black Venom Stun Gun. In a previous YouTube video, I spent some time reviewing the Snake Bite Stun Gun, which is very similar to this one, but this one is slightly different. The thing that I like the most about this particular stun gun is that it has spikes on it, which make it an effective striking weapon in addition to it's ability to stun.

The second stun gun I reviewed was the Pink Comfort Grip Stun Gun. This is one of my favorite stun guns because it's really strong, yet small enough to be easily carried. It also has a flashlight on it, which is really convenient if you are walking at night.

Lastly, I tested the Thunderbolt Stun Baton. I love this stun baton because of how well made it is. You can tell when you hold it that the aircraft aluminum is strong enough to make this a very effective blunt-force striking instrument in addition to being a very strong stun gun. Unlike many stun batons that use a holster, this stun baton has a belt clip which is a much quicker way to deploy this weapon that if you had to remove it from a holster.

Here's the video:

Which stun gun is your favorite?

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