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Skull Crusher Hand Claw and Other New Weapons!

Skull Crusher Hand Claw and Other New Weapons!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, we tested out some of our newest weapons including the Skull Crusher Hand Claw. Watch the video to see how each of these new weapons held up!

The first weapon we tested out was the Stealth Hawkbill Karambit. I'm not exaggerating when I say that this is one of my favorite weapons we carry. It's a small, compact karambit that fits very comfortably in my hand and with a little practice can be an extremely effective weapon. The jimping on the ring pommel is just rough enough to provide a good amount of control for this karambit while still allowing this knife the ability to easily transition from different grips. Watch the video to see how well this karambit performed when tested.

The second weapon we tested was the Wide Grip Stun Gun. This stun gun has a wide-beam flashlight design, giving it a very inconspicuous look and feel. The thing I like the most about this stun gun is how simple it is. You slide the button once and it turns the flashlight on, and then you slide it again and the stun gun is armed. When you are in a self-defense situation, the last thing you want is a complicated weapon to fumble with, so this stun gun is perfect in that regard. As usual, I needed to test this stun gun out on myself to see how effective it is, so be sure to watch the video to see how this stun gun did.

The third weapon we reviewed was the Modern Tactical Kukri. We reviewed a similar kukri last week, but this specific one has a very comfortable rubberized grip as well as a modern blade design. The rubberized thermoplastic handle gives this karambit a non-slip grip which will help in an outdoor environment. The blade is made from a steel commonly used in cooking knives, which makes it corrosion resistant and very easy to sharpen. Watch the video to see me test this awesome kukri knife out.

The fourth weapon I tested was the Pig-Sticker Folding Knife. By far, the most unique thing about this knife is how it opens. You push a button and the blade unlocks while also repositioning a hand guard in the perfect position. Basically, this is a folding bowie knife, and the unique design makes this a must have for knife enthusiasts. I wanted to see how sharp the blade was, so I tested it out on a pineapple. Watch the video to see this knife in action!

The last weapon I tested was the Skull Crusher Hand Claw. This very unique fantasy weapon has 3 long stainless steel claws, giving this item a very intimidating look. While I wouldn't recommend this as a legitimate weapon, it would look excellent hanging on your wall or sitting on your desk. Despite having unsharpened claws, I still felt like it would be fun to test it out, so watch the video to see how well it performed.

Here's the video:

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2 Comment(s)
6/22/22 - 3:19pm
I loved the new stun weapon because: 1) wide angle view from flashlight; 2) 4,000 Lumen (really bright); 3)multiple prongs; 4) ergonomic; and 5)easy to switch on/off. I like the idea of "distract then stun". Flashing 4,000 Lumen in someone's face will definitely distract them, so one can then deploy the stun.
6/22/22 - 3:37pm
Another AWESOME Weapons Wednesday! Loved The Stun Flashlight (and watching Kyle get zapped)!

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