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Slasher Weapons Tested! Claws, Machetes and Sickles!

Slasher Weapons Tested! Claws, Machetes and Sickles!
For this special Halloween edition of Weapons Wednesday, we gave our viewers the choice of 5 frightning weapons to use against a supernatural serial killer. Check out the video to see these weapons in action.

In order to fight off the supernatural serial killer, you have 5 choices of weapons. The first weapon I chose to use was the Crucible Throwing Weapon. I chose this as my first choice because it was the only long range weapon available to me. The crucible throwing weapon is a very unique weapon that is similar to a throwing star, but has a longer handle like a throwing knife. It took me a couple of throws to strike the supernatural slasher where I wanted to, but in the end, I proved it to be an effective weapon.

Sadly, the crucible wasn't enough to take down the supernatural serial killer, so I had to choose a second weapon. The next weapon I chose was the Grim Reaper Kama. This deadly sickle shaped weapon has a fairly long handle, allowing me to keep some distance from the supernatural slasher. It is made out of one solid piece of metal that has been sharpened into a serious blade. One swing at the killer's pumpkin head was enough to prove that this was an effective weapon.

The third weapon I tested out was the Black Sawback Machete. This vicious looking full-tang sword has a very sharp blade and point that might be exactly what we need to take on a supernatural enemy. I chose to test out the point of the sword on the body of the slasher (wooden dummy) and tested the blade on his head (pumpkin) and the sword did a great job as an effective weapon.

With only 2 weapons left and the supernatural serial killer still alive, I grabbed ahold of the Spiked Trench Club for my next attack. This brute force spiked weapon is perfect against a supernatural slasher because it has just enough weight to bring some solid momentum against the killer. As you'll see in the video, it did quite a bit of damage to the slasher.

Sadly, even after using 4 brutal weapons against the supernatural serial killer, somehow he still survived and continues to hunt you down. The last weapon I had available to me was the Death Metal Hand Claw. Luckily, this is the type of weapon that nightmares are made from. This fantasy weapon has approximately 10" claws that just might be capable of taking the slasher down. Watch the video to see what happens.

Here's the video:

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