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Extreme Knife Testing: Folders vs Fixed Blades

Extreme Knife Testing: Folders vs Fixed Blades
This week for Weapons Wednesday, Amanda and Mel wanted to really test out some of our knives to see what they can withstand.  Everything from a two story drop to a cinder block crush was done.  See the video to watch the end results!

Amanda and Mel decided to take a different approach for this week's video. They wanted to see if some of our knives could withstand extreme conditions, including throwing them off a roof and crushing them with a cinder block. They also wanted to test fixed blade knives vs folding knives, as well as testing two different steel types. If you want a different view of weapons Weapons Wednesday, make sure to watch our new video!

For the first weapon this week, Amanda and Mel took a look at Wild Bushman Pocket Knife. Mel fell in love with this knife for many different reasons. To start, the weapon featured a show stopping micarta handle with a vibrant orange and black design. It was a very unique feature that is not seen on most pocket knives. She also liked that the blade was made out of 8CR13MOV steel since it is very tough and has excellent edge retention. The balling bear system also made it so smooth to open. For the extreme testing, it was able to withstand hard cutting and being thrown with ease. The negatives about it after it finished the rest of the testing, was that the pocket clip became loose, the ball bearing system became loose and that it was flattened in the middle. Overall this is still a great knife, as long as you don't smash it with a cinderblock. Check out the video to see everything they did to it!

Next, the girls ended up taking a look at the Desert Assassin Pocket Knife. Amanda and Mel were both skeptical about this knife. The blade is constructed out of a 3CR13 stainless which wasn't very thick. It also features a spring assisted opening and a sand color ABS plastic handle. With it's small size as well, they didn't really think it would stand a chance against the rest of the weapons. When cutting the blade, they were surprised that the blade was able to chop into the pallet, but due to the size of the weapon, it was difficult to use. The throwing test caused the liner lock to fold over the blade, so it was not able to close properly. The two story drop test and the cinder block test made it worse, so they thought it was broken. I took a look at it though and was able to fix it though, making it still functional at the end of testing. The only downside was that when I was fixing it, the pocket clip broke. There was also no real damage of the handle and the blade. Watch the video to see how well it did to testing in the end!

Next up was the Nightmare Tactical Karambit. This weapon was by far Amanda's favorite due to how many nice features that it has. First, it has a thick 8CR13MOV steel that makes it very durable and retains its edge after some abuse. It also has a very comfortable G10 handle while maintaining great control of the blade. The karambit size ring is one inch in diameter, so Amanda was able to hold it without an issue. She also was able to switch from reverse grip to forward grip very easily. For the testing it was able to cut through a pallet and was also the best throwing knife out of all four weapons. The two story drop test and the cinder block did nothing except for a few cosmetic marks on the handle. They didn't see any structural flaws in it either which is another reason why she likes this one so much. Se sure to watch the video to see this awesome karambit in action!

For the final weapon for the extreme testing, Amanda and Mel showed off the Full-Tang Field Knife. This was by far the large knife that was used, measuring at 9 3/4 inches. It has a 440 stainless steel blade, but the girls were fine with it since the blade is so thick. The weapon also had a very sharp blade and tip, which was great for the chopping test that was performs. It was by far the winner of the chop test. The scale were made a beautiful black pakkawood and the handle had very nice ergonomics. It wasn't able to stick on the throwing test, but it did not seem to damage the blade besides some cosmetic issues. The knife was most disappointing for the two story drop test since the pakkawood scales ended up breaking in half on one side. The cinder block test didn't break any more of the scale part off, which surprised both of the girls. Overall this knife is a great outdoors knife and is fine, except for throwing it off a two story building. Be sure to watch the video to see how the handle looks!

Here's the video:

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