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5 Unusual Blades You Can't Live Without!

5 Unusual Blades You Can't Live Without!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, we took a look out our top 5 unusual bladed weapons that can be used to survive the apocalypse. I gave the pros and cons for each weapon and how I would use them in a post apocalypse situation. See the video to find out which weapons we chose!

We started off our video with the Behemoth Folding Cleaver and the Black Behemoth Throwing Cleaver. This very thick stainless steel knife is ideal for utility purposes and can easily fit in your pocket if you need to outrun bandits, raiders or any other things that you would find in an apocalypse. Not only is it thick and durable, it also have a heavy duty liner lock for added protection and also has a smooth ball bearing system that makes using this cleaver easy. View the video to see my full review on this folding cleaver.

Next, I reviewed the Modern Combat Kukri and how great it would be in a post apocalypse situation. It's been a while since I saw this kukri and I forgot just how much I liked it. The modern look and features of this weapon really showcase how it can be useful in a survival situation. It's good for chopping, slicing and piercing, which is what anyone will need when surviving in the apocalypse. The 3CR13 stainless steel blade won't have an issue with corrosion when dealing with the elements, and the thermoplastic handle really helps with performing major chopping or use. Be sure to see the video so you can see how awesome it is!

The third weapon that Amanda gave me was the Combat Mantis Claw. I have a soft spot for mantis claws because of a very popular sci-fi movie, so I am glad that I got to review this one. The thick stainless steel blade makes it great for multiple different uses of this weapon. The comfortable ergonomic handle is made out of pakkawood which is great for many different survival instances. The sharp blade and point makes it great for slashing and piercing which is what anyone could ask for during the apocalypse. The only downside is that they are sold individually. See the video to check out this claw!

We then moved onto the Trench Knife Balisong. This one has such a unique look and feel since it is both a trench knife and a balisong. The combo edge has a serrated section that would be great for cutting rope, and the plain edge can be used for slashing and piercing. This modified butterfly knife also has a very secure d-guard that took a beating with ease. Not only that, but it can also be used as a butterfly knife for quick use and the portability of the knife makes it great for different survival situations. We also have the Black Trench Knife Balisong if you want your weapon to be more stealthy and concealable. Watch the video to see this trench knife in action!

The last weapon that we showed off today was the Japanese Nata Machete. This weapon has so many different features that would help in a post apocalypse situation. The 19 1/4 inch stainless steel blade keeps a great reach from any type of hostile people, which is necessary for survival. The chisel point on the blade is very sharp and can be used for many different utility tasks while also being great for self defense. It also has a very comfortable wooden handle with an ergonomic grip that will prevent you from getting blisters while using it. Check out the video to see how amazing this weapon is!

Here's the video:

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