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Which Throwing Weapon Would You Choose?

Which Throwing Weapon Would You Choose?
This week for Weapons Wednesday, I tested out some of our newest throwing weapons including some axes, throwing cards, spikes and ninja stars. Watch the video to see me test them out!

The first throwing weapons I tested were the Royal Flush Throwing Cards. I've reviewed and tested different throwing cards in previous videos and have found them to be fairly difficult to throw effectively. These specific throwing cards look almost identical to standard playing cards, but are made from stainless steel and have points that are sharp enough to stick into a throwing target. Despite having difficulty throwing them in the past, I tested one out on a watermelon and it stuck pretty easily. I'm sure that with some practice, you could get pretty good with them.

The next weapon I reviewed was the Arctic Knuckle Hatchet. While this is technically more of a tactical weapon and not really a throwing weapon, it's design would allow for throwing with some practice. The thing I liked the most about this mini hatchet was how comfortable it was to hold. I think that it would make a very nice tactical weapon and could be an effective thrower if used properly. In order to test it, I threw it at a watermelon, and sure enough, it stuck nicely. Watch the video to see my full review.

The third throwing weapon I tested were the Double-Pointed Throwing Spikes. These spikes are about the closest thing we currently have on KarateMart.com to traditional bo-shuriken. Each spike is approximately 6" long and weighs about 2 ounces. I've shown how to throw spikes in previous videos, so I didn't spend a lot of time on it in this one, but I quickly showed how well they stick by throwing them at a watermelon. Watch the video to see how I throw a bo-shuriken.

The fourth throwing weapons I reviewed were the Razor Claw Throwing Stars. These specific stars have talon or claw style points, which tend to stick very nicely into their targets. I guess the thing that stands out most about them is how beautiful they look. They have a stunning metallic coloration to them that makes them unique from other shuriken. Throwing stars are very easy to learn how to throw, so I quickly tested them out on a watermelon to see how well they would stick.

The last weapon I reviewed was the Dark Skull Crusher Axe. Similar to the hatchet we previously showed off, this axe is more of a tactical axe than a throwing axe, but it is shaped in a way that could be easily thrown. The thing I like the most about this specific axe is that it has a very rugged ABS handle on it which gives it a menacing look. Again, I needed to test to see how well it would throw, so I threw it at the watermelon and made quite a mess.

Here's the video:

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