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Metal Bo Staff 2.0 - The Next Stage of Staff Evolution

Metal Bo Staff 2.0 - The Next Stage of Staff Evolution

Something has been brewing in the KarateMart.com Ninja Forges. Now we're ready to unveil our newly redesigned steel bo staffs. Come take a look at how we've used the lessons of the past few years to improve on our high-quality original metal weapons.

When we set out to make Steel Bo Staff was one of the first items we created in our ninja forges back in 2016. This original metal weapon was designed to be heavy enough that you would train your body to move faster and hit harder during competitions, kata, or general sparring. More recently, we created a modified version, the Black Steel Bo Staff, which is identical, but for a coloration process that turns the steel a dark gun metal black. Here you can see Products Guy Ian unveiling the original Steel Bo Staff.



We've learned a lot since then, and not just how to properly use a green screen. Having designed and built many weapons over the years, we decided to return to the bo staff to make an even better version with three important differences.


First, we changed the way the the grips are machined. As you can see below, we have been making the grip machined with a spiral pattern. We've gotten better at working with metal and decided to have the machined lines in the 2.0 version more spread out, giving it a feel that we believe enhances the overall effect of both informing and securing your grip.






The new style for these grips is heavy duty and more effective.










Second, we added more grip in the 2.0 staff. We realized that a little bit of machining near each end was another helpful way to let you, the bojutsu practitioner, know just when your hands were getting too close to the end of the staff.


Finally, we changed the end caps. When we started, the end caps looked more obviously tacked on. Now, as you can see when you compare the two styles side-by-side, the end caps are specially designed to make the metal bo staff look like one solid piece.






With the new style, one could be easily fooled into thinking the bo staff is all one solid piece!










These 2.0 metal bo staffs are still the great, durable weapons you know and love, but now we've made them more beautiful and better suited to a martial artist's needs. We hope you like the newly designed 2.0 Steel Bo Staffs. These newly designed steel bo staffs are available right now for the Steel Bo Staff and the Black Steel Bo Staff. In the coming weeks and months, we'll be redesigning a lot of our original weapons, so stay tuned and don't miss out on the innovative work from our creative forge ninjas.


Let us know in the comment section below which color you like best.


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4 Comment(s)
5/13/19 - 3:30pm
I love your original weapons! I am so happy you are taking the bo staff in this direction. I plan to buy several of these soon for my wife and I. I already have the collapsible bo staff and we love it.
5/16/19 - 5:27am
I am from Slovenia. I can help with build this forum. Thanks for approved. Jaz sem Slovenka. Lahko pomagam pri razvoju foruma.
5/31/19 - 7:52am
Pr3tty cool, guys. can't wait to see more.
Ibrahim Ejaz
8/4/19 - 4:44am
I want this eweapon

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