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Collapsible Bo Staff 2.0: The Next Generation of Staff

Collapsible Bo Staff 2.0: The Next Generation of Staff

Our innovation ninjas never fail to deliver. This time, we have improved on a product everyone has come to love: The Collapsible Bo Staff. Are you ready to learn about what changes we have made to this unique weapon, found nowhere else?

One of our most popular items, the Collapsible Bo Staff, has long had the spectacular function of extending both ends when you twist it forcefully. That's really the defining feature of this extendable staff. We know that you have been amazed by the telescoping action of our unique staff, but we also saw the imperfections. For too long, staff users have had to ensure that both ends are extended in order to for the telescoping bo staff to work as intended. If one side was still out, the other would be loose. You might even end up surprising yourself with a loose staff end. More importantly, the task of re-collapsing the bo staff has been a little awkward, as you had to hold one end closed in the process of re-collapsing. Both sides of this extendable staff had to be collapsed for the ends to remain tucked away. We have never been ones to ignore the importance of image and closing the staff rarely looks as cool as extending it. We had to change this. We had to make the Collapsible Bo Staff better!
Worry no more about these minor inconveniences, as we have implemented a new design that allows just one end to be extended. The staff still uses specialized magnets, but there's also a mechanism put inside each staff to keep its ends secure. This not only allows for the telescoping bo staff to be used in new and innovative ways, but also makes the task of re-collapsing your staff easier and more graceful. Of course, you can still extend both ends in the same way. This is the same staff you all know and love, just with a slight improvement.
This might seem like a minor issue. After all, how much more use would a staff that can convert into a 41 inch baton be? But we are perfectionists at heart. Our sleepless nights are spent furiously scribbling notes and drawing diagrams on how to improve the products we make in our warehouse. It was only a matter of time before we returned to the Collapsible Bo Staff and used our ever-growing experience in weapons manufacturing to make a new and improved bo staff weapon design. 
Other than this one small change, the extendable staff is still the same exact bo staff weapon you have grown to love. This new design lets you easily collapse your telescoping bo staff in just as impressive a fashion as you can extend it. And that makes us happy. 



We are always updating our exclusive inventory of metal weapons. We take pride in our work and hope you can take the time to enjoy our products. Be sure to follow us on your favorite social media networks. You can even like and subscribe to our YouTube channel to see us post fun videos, such as the one above demonstrating how to close the Collapsible Bo Staff. If you haven't already, subscribe to our mailing list to get all kinds of deals and specials.

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34 Comment(s)
8/11/17 - 5:53pm
Does the Collapsible Bo Staff 2.0 come in black?
KarateMart Team
8/14/17 - 8:34am
Hi. Dave. The new Collapsible Bo Staff is as black as the original.
Darlig Ulv
8/15/17 - 9:26pm
Will you be posting new videos and pics of the 2.0 bo staff?
8/18/17 - 4:42am
How do I purchase the 2.0 staff in black? Is it listed differently than the normal collapsible bo staff?
Toadman Playz
8/20/17 - 10:21am
Can I exchange my original collapsible staff for the 2.0?
KarateMart Team
8/21/17 - 9:11am
Hi Josh. Just add it to your cart. The 2.0 staff is black, just like the original staff.
Toadman Playz
8/21/17 - 2:01pm
Please answer my original question. Thank you.
KarateMart.com Team
8/21/17 - 3:27pm
Hi Toadman. Unfortunately, we do not accept returns or exchanges on weapons.
Darlig Ulv
8/21/17 - 9:34pm
My question still hasn't been answered
KarateMart.com Team
8/22/17 - 8:50am
Hi Darlig. The Collapsible Bo Staff 2.0 doesn't look different from the 1.0, so you can see what it looks like in the product page. We are, of course, always working on new videos, so be on the lookout on our YouTube channel. :D
9/14/17 - 4:22pm
Hey Karatemart, you only have one collapsible Bo Staff in the product page. Is this automatically the bo staff 2.0 or do i find the new one somewhere else (there is also not written 2.0)? I'm from Germany and just came to America to buy your Bo Staff (and for vacation;)) just waiting for an answer then you get my order great work guys
KarateMart.com Team
9/15/17 - 12:16pm
Hi Goshin. The Collapsible Bo Staff 2.0 is still our Collapsible Bo Staff, just simply upgraded.
4/17/18 - 11:41pm
Hi, just put money down on two collapsible bo, your videos don't show a thrust with the end or anyone using the far side to thrust for distance, nor did I see an optional spearhead to put on the end of the bo, what ninja wouldn't want a spearhead on a bo? So, how many pounds of pressure does it take to close an end of the bo? Maybe a light thrust may be possible to a sensitive part of the body. Or a first strike with a tip followed by a quick follow thru hard strike with the base as the tip collapses in on the base. Can't wait until I get them to try it out.
KarateMart.com Team
4/18/18 - 2:16pm
Good question, John. A short quick jab might work to deal damage without recollapsing the staff, but the strength needed to recollapse a staff depends on the strength of the extension itself, so there's no real way for us to measure the pounds of thrust needed in that situation. You'll have to try out your idea and let us know how it works.
5/26/18 - 3:46am
Hi. Do you ship your stuff to Europe? I just saw this collapsible staff and I fall in love with it.
KarateMart.com Team
5/29/18 - 9:10am
Hi Piotr. We'd love to expand where we ship to but we currently only ship to the United States and Canada. We may expand our international shipping to include more countries in the future, but not at this time. :(
Pritam Dey
7/4/18 - 5:20am
Hi, Do you ship to India? I am from India and how can I buy the Collapsible Bo Staff 2.0??
KarateMart.com Team
7/5/18 - 8:55am
Hi Pritam. That's a good question. Unfortunately, we don't ship to India at this time.
8/17/18 - 3:53pm
Will you be shipping elsewhere in the world someday? I'd love to order one, if only you were shipping in Europe!
KarateMart.com Team
8/20/18 - 10:58am
Hi Hellusive. We would like to. You could contact our customer service team and let them know. If we get enough interest in a particular country, we are more likely to start shipping there.
9/2/18 - 12:30pm
Hey, i want to know is there any chance you will make a 6ft collapsible bo staff?
KarateMart.com Team
9/4/18 - 9:59am
There's always a chance. :) We'd love to have a six foot staff. Unfortunately we haven't been able to make it work yet.
Not Sure
10/4/18 - 3:18pm
How durable is this staff? Could it withstand some heavy strikes?
KarateMart.com Team
10/5/18 - 3:42pm
Hi Not Sure. The staff is pretty effective in a fight and will deal some serious damage. Hitting the staff against hard objects can affect the life of the product, which is why we recommend using the Collapsible Bo Staff just for training to it to last the longest.
Thomas Aasen
10/22/18 - 10:38am
Hi. I really, REALLY want to buy this new Bo-Staff 2.0. Can you PLEASE open for shipping to EUROPE, Norway, where I live? I want one so much, so you have to open up for shipping, seriously. Most sincere Thomas Aasen, Norway
Cory Murrell
11/1/18 - 6:43am
Good morning I am interested in buying your collapsible staff 2.0, on your site it shows video and info for the 1.0.
11/7/18 - 7:30pm
hi how durable is the staff i.e. can I hit a person full pelt with it and it does not break
KarateMart.com Team
11/8/18 - 9:00am
Hi Stg. Mead, The staff will deal some serious damage. Hitting the staff against hard objects can affect the life of the product, which is why we recommend using the Collapsible Bo Staff just for training so that it will last the longest.
12/1/18 - 12:15am
Can you increase the sales to India, when I saw it , I fell in love of it so please try.
KarateMart.com Team
12/3/18 - 10:20am
Hi Aditya. We don't ship to India right now, but we'll let you know once that happens.
12/16/18 - 12:27pm
Hi ,do you ship to South Africa?
KarateMart.com Team
12/18/18 - 10:23am
Hi Ewan. We don't currently ship to South Africa, but we're in the process of expanding our international shipping to more countries. We'll contact you once we're ready to ship to South Africa. You can see how the process would work (a href="https://www.karatemart.com/international")here(/a).
BO Ready
3/26/19 - 8:44pm
Is There any Border Custom Problems into canada ? ?
KarateMart.com Team
3/27/19 - 3:14pm
Hi BO Ready. So far, we haven't heard of any customs problems with Canadian customs.

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