Watch the Collapsible Bo Staff in Action!

Transforming Bo Staff Just Like in the Movies!

Transforming Bo Staff Just Like in the Movies!
Last week, I tested out a new format for my videos where Amanda surprised me with a bunch of new items that I unboxed without ever seeing them before. People seemed to like the new format, so I tried it again this week.

The first box I opened contained the Easy Close Expandable Baton. This baton is different from the typical collapsible batons we carry in that it has a mechanism on the inside that holds the batons open until you push the button on the end to release them. I really liked the general feel of this baton and felt like the button close system was a definite improvement to the previous design. Some people have trouble closing telescoping batons that use friction to stay open, so this would be a good baton for people who want something a little easier to close.

The next item I unboxed was the Hidden Blade Pepper Spray. Also known as a Strike-N-Spray, this pepper spray has the added advantage of a hidden knife that gives you an additional weapon to escape close-quarters attacks. The blade appears to be made from a nylon or polypropylene, so I chose to test it out on a pumpkin to ensure it was strong enough to be an effective weapon.

The third item I tested out was the Self-Defense SAP Cap. We've sold these hidden SAP weapons on KarateMart.com in the past, but chose to stop selling them because I didn't think they were very effective. Some people asked if we could start carrying them, so I ordered some in to test them out. In the video, I allowed Amanda to strike me with it and also hit a pumpkin to see if it would cause any damage. Watch the video to see what happened.

The fourth weapon I reviewed was the Brass Skull Defense Keychain. I really like this self-defense keychain because it is way more sturdy than other self-defense keychains I've seen in the past. The skull itself weighs over 5 ounces and is definitely built for striking. I tested this keychain out on the pumpkin to see how it would do and it held up rather nicely.

The fifth weapon I tested out was the Key Fob Alarm Stun Gun. One of the things I really like about this stun gun is that it includes a personal alarm and a flashlight. But sadly, like the stun guns I review in other videos, I had to test it out on myself to make sure it is an effective weapon.

The last weapon I got to test out was the LED Cosplay Baton Staff. This awesome comic book weapon arrived just in time for Halloween! What's so cool about it is that it transforms from 2 LED batons into a really futuristic looking bo staff.

Here's the video:

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10/21/21 - 6:45pm
I don't have anything to comment on except I really like bowstaffs

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