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Unusual Weapons You Haven't Seen Yet!

Unusual Weapons You Haven't Seen Yet!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, we took a look at some of our newest and most unusual weapons. We tested out our newest Military Trench weapon... The Military Trench Kama as well as the Hidden Spikes Nunchaku from KOMBATIV.com. View the video to see how unusual they really are!

For the very first weapon, I tested out the Elven Warrior Sword Set. I was a little wary of this fantasy weapon after the disappointment last week with the Spiked Medieval Flail. This one, thankfully, was better than that one by far. The beautiful details and unique look really helped make this sword one of a kind. Even though the blade and tip were not very sharp, that is easily fixable and was still able to do a fair amount of damage. If you are looking for a new cosplay sword set, I would definitely check these out. See the video to understand why!

Next, we took a look at another KOMBATIV.com exclusive, which were the Hidden Spikes Nunchaku. These things are nuts! On the outside, they look like ordinary aluminum nunchucks, but once you remove the protective caps, they show off the four and a half inch spikes. The are able to really withstand abuse when they either regular nunchaku or the spiked version. The only thing about these though is that YOU SHOULD NOT USE THEM WITH THE SPIKES OUT. The spikes are very sharp and one wrong move can cause great injury, so they should only be used as regular nunchaku or as a wall hanger. Once again, these Hidden Spikes Nunchaku are only available on KOMBATIV.com. Watch the video to see how amazing these nunchaku are.

The third weapon that I reviewed was the Shark Attack Cleaver. This cleaver style blade is one of the most unique weapon that I've seen in a while. The blade of the knife has the iconic shark face from the P-40 Warhawk airplane that was primarily used in World War II. The 3CR13 stainless steel blade with a black finish was perfectly contrasted by the bright blue scales. The tip of the cleaver was also super sharp and was able to slice through fabric with ease. View the video to see this blade in action!

Finally, the last weapon that was reviewed was the Military Trench Combat Kama. I know what a lot of you are thinking, we've done so many of these like the Military Trench Cleaver and the Military Trench Kukri. Despite showing these off, people still seem to love them! This one is different since it is based off the Japanese sickle while also having the iconic solid brass handle based off the trench knife used in World War I. Not only does it have those unique features, it is also made out of 1095 high carbon steel so it can withstand some major damage. The skull crusher spike on the pommel also gave this weapon a more intimidating look that I just love. Watch the video to watch how much this weapon can withstand!

Here's the video:

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