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Steampunk Gun Blade and Other Unusual Weapons

Steampunk Gun Blade and Other Unusual Weapons

This week for Weapons Wednesday, I reviewed the Steampunk Gun Blade and Other Unusual Weapons that we recently got in our warehouse.  These weapons really are unique and are very exciting to say the least.  Watch the video to see what they can do!

For the first weapon this week, I reviewed the Covert Assassin Stinger Knives that is only available at KOMBATIV.com.  These things are so awesome!  They only weigh about 1.6 oz, in weight, making very easy to carry and use.  They are made out of stainless steel by a small knife manufacturer With Armour.  Not only can they be used for tactical purposes, they can also be used as throwing knives as well.  I love that since they threw very nicely and I was able to even stick them to a door.  The other cool thing about them is that there are two different blade shapes: one is a modified tanto and the other one is a clip point blade.  Once again, they are only available at only available at KOMBATIV.com.  See the video to watch them get thrown!

The next weapon that I reviewed was the Self Defense Hammer Spray.  This weapon is also made by a small manufacturer in the US, Hammer Spray.  This weapon is a mix of a kubotan and pepper spray, which gives you two awesome weapons in one!  The hammer spray body is made out of aircraft aluminum and comes in two colors: red and black.  They also have a refillable pepper spray to make sure you can use this for a long time.  They also have a sturdy wrist strap to make sure you don't lose it in a dangerous situation.  Overall, these weapons are just awesome!  Check out the video to see what I mean.

For the third weapon I reviewed, I tested out the Black Ops Trench Cleaver.  I know we have been testing out a lot of trench cleavers recently, but this thing is so awesome that it's worth it!  It has a very heavy duty nylon case that also features a velcro belt loop so you don't even need to take off your belt to put it on.  The 1065 high carbon steel blade with a black finish is so sharp that it was easy to cut heavy duty fabric with ease.  It also features a very sturdy handguard that can be used in a knuckle duster type fashion with no issues while also being very comfortable in my hand.  Lastly, the heavy duty pommel spike is very effective to pierce through wood and anything else.  Make sure to watch the video to see this weapon in action!

The last weapon I checked out was the Steampunk Gun Blade.  This weapon is... interesting to say the least.  It has quite a unique look with it's gun revolver handle.  Not only is it a conversation starter, it's also has a moving cylinder and pushable trigger.  The one thing I didn't like about it was the grip of the gun, which was made out of plastic.  It wasn't comfortable and broke while I tested it out.  The blade is pretty awesome though, it is made out of a stainless steel and has a steampunk finish to it, which is why we named it that.  Honestly though, it's not made to be a weapon and should just be prominently displayed on your wall.  Watch the video to see the full review of this weapon.






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