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Which Weapon Would You Choose to Fight an Evil Clown?

Which Weapon Would You Choose to Fight an Evil Clown?
On this special Halloween edition of Weapons Wednesday, we gave you the option of 5 different weapons to choose from to fight off an evil clown! Special guests, Amanda and Melanie star in this weeks video, so make sure you don't miss it!

Picture this: You and a friend are walking through a forest on Halloween night, and it is getting dark, so you need to find a place to stay. Off in the distance, you see an old mansion. You run towards it to find shelter for the night, but upon arrival, you realize no one is home. The door creaks open and you yell into the house to see if anyone is there. No one answers, so you decide to enter. You search the house and don't find anyone, so you lay down to get some sleep. All of a sudden you hear the creepy laugh of a clown. You look around an in the corner of the room, you see a face...the horrifying painted face of an evil clown. Immediately, you get up and run down the hall and come across a table with 5 weapons on it. Which weapon do you choose to fight off the evil clown?

The first weapon you get to choose from is the Full-Tang Jungle Parang. At first glance, you can tell this machete is very well made. It is clearly full-tang and the 3CR13 stainless steel is so thick that you know it is going to hold up very well to combat. It also features a very comfortable pakkawood handle that makes it easy to grip when you are fighting off clowns. Make sure to watch the video to see Amanda and Melanie test it out!

The second weapon we tested was the Dark Venom Push Sword. While this is clearly more of a fantasy weapon, it is still an effective weapon and fits in perfectly with our Halloween theme. It features a very sharp trailing point blade with sawback spikes on the spine that give this sword a very intimidating look. Perhaps the coolest thing about this weapon is that it can be strapped to your forearm to give you excellent control. Be sure to watch the video to see this push sword in action!

The third weapon you get to choose from is the Stealth Gladius Sword. Probably my favorite thing about this specific sword is that it weighs only about 1 pound, which makes it very easy to wield against an evil clown. The blade is forged from a 440 stainless steel which has a black finish on it, making it much more stealthy that some of the other weapons you get to choose from. The handle is made from a nylon fiber with a rubberized grip that is extremely comfortable to hold. Watch the video and see Amanda and Melanie put this weapon to the test!

The next weapon we reviewed was the Combat X-Claw. For a fantasy weapon, claws are so much fun! These specific claws are made from 3CR13 stainless steel and have a black pakkawood handle that gives you a nice secure grip. They also have a lanyard hole with green paracord that could be used as a wristwrap so that you don't lose you weapon while fighting off the clown. Watch the video to see them in action!

The last weapon you get to choose from is the Double Bladed Throwing Axe. Amanda absolutely loved this weapon because of it's double bit axe blade and it's ability to be used as a close-range weapon in addition to a throwing weapon. It has a very thick and durable steel axe head and the handle is made from a nylon reinforced nylon, so it is sure to hold up to some pretty major impact. Make sure to watch the video to see Amanda and Melanie test it out!

Here's the video:

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