Hidden Brush Spike

Price: $17.95
Hidden Brush Spike
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Hidden Brush Spike

Price: $17.95
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Fight off would-be attackers and pesky cowlicks with the Hidden Spike Brush. This 9" brush is made from a specialized composite of materials, none of which are metal. But the real secret behind this specialized hidden weapon is the 4" spike that appears when you yank off the brush head.

As with the rest of the brush, the four-sided spike is made from synthetic materials that won't set off a metal detector. You can poke people coming at you or just point at them with a menacing grimace. The whole thing weighs a mere 4 ounces, which is pretty light.

And, of course, the brush is fully functional. Yes, violent assault can be a problem, but when the real enemy is poor hygiene and unkempt hair, the Hidden Spike Brush is your best defense.

Hidden Spike Brush Highlights:

  • Non-metal, ABS-Nylon-Fiberglass Composite Construction
  • 4-Sided Spike Design
  • Full Tang
  • Black
  • Textured Grip Handle
  • 9" Length with 4" Spike
  • Manufactured by United Cutlery
  • Weight: 4 oz

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  • California Consumers:
     WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/
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"I ordered this as a beard brush. I have a fairly long and bushy beard, and I like a brush rather than a comb for brushing out my beard. I'd been using a brush from Walmart that worked well but was hard to clean and had teeth breaking off every so often. I wanted something a little more rugged and easy to clean. I can already tell that this brush will be less prone to teeth breaking. (Finding a brush tooth in one's beard during the day is irritating.) This brush also seems easier to clean. I've already put this back on my wish list because I'd like to have one in my travel kit as well as one that I use daily. The first point to notice is that this brush will work well as a brush. That makes it worth having. The handle and spike can be withdrawn from the brush easily enough. I haven't tried an endurance test where I insert and remove the spike hundreds of times to see whether the spike stays in the brush securely after hundreds or thousands of cycles. Maybe the spike and brush would loosen if one withdrew the spike hundreds of times. I don't think most people will do that. The spike is solid. The spike is what we've come to expect from polymer spikes. The tip is sharp but one won't be cut just from running the tip along skin. The four edges leading to the tip are sharpened near the tip. They aren't "knife sharp." They won't cut skin from casually running a finger along their edges. The spike will do what a spike is supposed to do. In a self-defense situation, an adrenaline-charged defender could remove the brush from the handle and drive the spike deep into an attacker's body. I think that the spike would penetrate the palm of a hand that was reaching for a defender. I'm certain that the spike would penetrate the neck, torso, legs, and arms. Driving this spike through a skull might not be feasible, but a hard thrust against an attacker's scalp would cause a deep gash and bleeding. Many attackers would stop their attack after receiving that kind of wound. This spike has four edges which would be considered less lethal than a spike having three edges to make a triangular puncture wound. Maybe three edges would be more effective, but three edges would also make a district attorney claim that the defender was looking for trouble. I can't speak as an expert on TSA procedures, but a few thoughts come to mind. I feel confident that this brush would not be noticed at all in checked luggage. In carry-on luggage, the all-polymer construction might not look suspicious enough on X-ray to cause the agents to search a bag. If the agents pulled on the brush head and revealed the spike, I'm sure that they would confiscate the brush and possibly detain someone carrying this brush. I'd be hesitant to carry this brush in carry-on luggage but if they allow regular knives and scissors in checked luggage, I can't see where this brush would be a problem. I think most people buying this brush are just going to use it as a brush and be perfectly happy with it as a brush. Frequent travelers may like having this brush in their luggage so that they have some kind of self-defense tool when they are staying in motel rooms. In a dire situation, the spike would be an effective stabbing weapon."
Written By: Bill
11/10/22 - 9:28pm
Written By: Rupali
9/4/21 - 3:48pm
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