Hidden Blade Walking Stick

Price: $84.95
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Hidden Blade Walking Stick
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Hidden Blade Walking Stick

Price: $84.95
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Cannot be shipped to CA, MA or NY. Laws vary by state and municipalities. Please check your local laws to be sure this item is legal to possess before ordering.

You like to walk, but you also like carrying hidden weapons. This is where the Hidden Blade Walking Stick works for you. What looks to everyone like a sleek 3-foot walking stick actually has a secret 10 1/4" tri-edged stainless steel blade. You simply unscrew the top section, pull out the blade, flip it, and rescrew it back onto the steel tube to create a 46" spear.

This hidden spear is a self-defense weapon, and we all know the urgency of self-protection. If you're suddenly jumped by a band of thieves, you won't have time to screw around. Luckily, this self-defense walking stick works like a baton. The baton itself has a black oxide finish, creating a superior grip and to minimize reflectivity so that your big black baton looks dark and intimidating. Weighing 2 lbs., 11.5 oz., the walking stick cane will deal a hefty wallop against your foes. You'll survive the fight and walk away from their battered bodies with nothing but the "limp" you started with.

When it's time to put the walking cane up, the hidden spear baton can unscrew into three pieces. Put them into the tough nylon carrying case, which has a handy shoulder strap. The case has straps inside so the pieces don't clink together. This makes for easy storage and convenient transport.

It's dangerous to go alone. Take this hidden blade walking stick baton and protect yourself in style.

Hidden Blade Walking Stick Highlights:

  • Stainless Steel Tri-Edged Blade
  • Steel Baton with Black Oxide Finish
  • 1 inch diameter (approx.)
  • Weight: 2 lbs., 11.5 oz. (approx.)
  • Product Dimensions
    • Overall Length: 46 inches (approx.)
    • Blade Length: 10 1/4 inches (approx.)
    • Baton Length: 3 feet (approx.)
  • Free 16.5" by 5" Nylon Carrying Case

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"Bought 17 months ago. Truly a well made piece of kit, sturdy, quality, and serious. 2 things I would wish for design improvement or just options. Give an optional accessory buy of a second end cap so that when in the assembled-blade-concealed configuration, one can be threaded (or slipped on even better) on the non-blade threaded end both to protect the threads from touching the ground, but maybe a bit of hard rubber to make it walking stick useful. Secondly, I'd wish for the blade cap piece to be something faster than a threaded tube. I understand this helps keep cost down, but I'd definitely pay another $20-40 to have something that comes off faster and can go on the other end for maximum length of the handle, like maybe the heavy duty QD on the 2-piece Bo. Aside from that, this is a very well made piece, no complaints about workmanship at all!"
Written By: Bryce
11/7/23 - 9:37am
"Good piece of equipment it is like having seven weapons in one small package: 1. Thrusting dagger (spear head by itself). 2. 3 small batons 2 pieces by themselves thanks to the grips present through all the sections that provide excellent retention plus one fully gripped small baton if spear head is left inside its section with the cane tip. 3. As a walking stick (it serves as a riot control baton. 4. Assembled as a spear it provides a decent distance from your opponent. 5. Assembled as an asegai type spear (section with the cane tip assembled with the spear head of any other section by itself with the spear head. Spear tip sides are not sharpened which is ok since it is mainly a thrusting weapon and not a cutting of slashing one. Thanks again karatemart for another excellent product designed outside the box and very conventional and with a lot of possibilities and options."
Written By: Shadow N
6/24/18 - 3:45pm
"This is an excellent weapon and very compact too (the size of the bag is comparable to that of a small carry on shoulder wallet which is ideal for concealment). As a walking stick I would not recommend it though since the gripping sections make it look kind of aggressive (that is if you come close too it but not from a distance) and it could get a lot of attention. Now the size of the walking stick is comparable to that of a long police baton (like the ones used for riot control) but with a stronger material than fiberglass. This stick is very solid and it could break some bones if needed to be. Each piece by itself can be used as a small baton in case of an immediate self defense situation (thanks to the grips present through each section which give you a solid retention of any piece no matter which one you grab first),specially the piece that house the spear tip which is basically a small baton. Now this piece really shines when converted as a full body spear (the body size is decent to keep distance), even though the spear tip edges are not sharpened (which is ok since a spear is a thrusting weapon and not a cutting one), the tip is very pointy and will do its job really well if needed be. Thanks again karatemart for another excellent weapon package that is like having seven different weapons in one. Weapons: 1. Spear head by itself (thrusting dagger) 2. Spear head + baton section (small asegai type of spear). 3. Each body section by itself (act as 2 short batons plus one small baton with a full handle grip "if spear head is left inside its respective section" thanks to the handle retention grips) 4. As a walking stick (length comparable to a riot control baton). 5. Walking stick assembled with spear head coming out (decent size full body spear that provides distance from your opponent)"
Written By: Shadow N
6/24/18 - 3:33pm
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