Concealed Pocket Spike

Price: $15.95
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Concealed Pocket Spike

Price: $15.95

Taking a protective weapon with you shouldn't be complicated. This Concealed Pocket Spike is a simple way to arm yourself in an instant! This practical defensive weapon can be stashed in a backpack or purse for easy access, allowing you to travel around with peace of mind.

Protecting yourself doesn't mean that you assume the worst in others. This handy spike can deliver a painful poke to an aggressor, even if it is a wayward dog or other animal. It can be assembled together in two different orientations: one being a straight dagger style that reaches 6.5 inches, and a perpendicular style that reaches 4.5 inches across the handle and down the spike. Both have different advantages, but both are available to you in a moment of vulnerability. Set the spike into the handle in either direction before you walk down that dark path, or know that you can pull out the spike and swing a defensive stab into an assailant without any handle at all! Freeing yourself from the grips of an enemy shouldn't be rocket science, and this hidden push pick dagger will be there for you and simple to use if that time ever comes.

At just 1 ounce, this tactical EDC push weapon punches above its weight, meaning it packs much more damage into that one ounce than most of its pointed metal cousins. The closed tube is just 4.25 inches long, and can act like a flat-ended kubotan in a pinch; Use as you would a hestitan, applying the ends to sensitive pressure points. However, the lightweight tube is not recommended for use as a striking weapon, the hollow non-metallic design providing little power when hitting a target.

The concealed spike itself measures 2.25 inches, and secures into the hole along the side of the tube casing, for use as a punch dagger; Or reverse the spike out of the top and snap the cap back on for an effective straight spike dagger. The black durable plastic is thick and all 3 pieces of this convertible weapon - the spike, handle, and cap - fit together snugly without much effort. The only force you should have to use is when you need to show that self-defense can come in small packages!

In the spirit of self-defense, this black plastic pocket spike can be used to deter would-be assailants, letting them know that any attempts to get close to you will result in a swift stab. Or silently arm this every day carry pocket dagger into either configuration, and have a non-lethal surprise waiting for a person or animal that gets too close for comfort. That surprise is the vital importance that self defense spikes and kubotans are meant to deliver. After receiving an unexpected puncture from a clever hidden weapon like this nonmetal ice pick push dagger, an attacker will recoil and deal with the shock of the pain instead of continuing to pursue their victim. This is when you change from a sitting duck to a roaring eagle, taking flight to find safety.

This small and compact push pick dagger is designed to apply concentrated force into one impact spot, and once you hold one of these everyday carry pocket spikes, you'll see for yourself how effective it would be! Don't let the sobering idea of attackers dominate your mind, but instead arm yourself or gift this covert push spike to a loved one so no one is left exposed.

Concealed Pocket Spike Highlights:

  • Ultra-Lightweight Material
  • Durable Plastic Spike and Handle
  • Straight and Perpendicular Orientations
  • Inconspicuous Stealth Design
  • Carry Tube Length: 4.25" (approx.)
  • Spike Length Straight: 6.5" (approx.)
  • Spike Length Perpendicular: 4.25" (approx.)
  • Pointed Spike Length: 2.25" (approx.)
  • Overall Weight: 1 oz (so light!)
  • Fits Easily into a Pocket for Everyday Carry
  • Unique Self-Defense Tool

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  • California Consumers:
     WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/
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