Stealth Polymer Weapons Set

Price: $23.95
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Stealth Polymer Weapons Set

Price: $23.95
5.00 Star(s) (2 Reviews)
Picture yourself breaking into the arctic lair of your archnemesis, who has kidnapped your daughter. Can you rescue her equipped with only with the Stealth Polymer Weapons Set? Yes. Yes, you can.

The first order of business is to dispatch the guard in the front. He has a gun, but you have the 8 inch Spike Knife with a triangular blade. You grab its knurled handle and wrap your arm around his neck while digging the pointy end into the small of his back. He whimpers in pain.

"Put down your weapon!" you whisper.

"Please don't kill me." He drops his gun and you stab him in the thigh with the spike knife. As he writhes in pain, you knock him out and grab the keys to the lair. You're in.

The secret compound is a labyrinth of hazards and traps. With your CIA training and cunning, you are able to evade most of them. But you become momentarily distracted when you see your daughter locked in a cage and an armed guard in front of her. You accidentally step in a simple rope trap, which grabs you by the ankle and pulls you up. As you hang upside down in the air, the guard runs up to you.

"The boss says to shoot you on sight if you get this far." He grabs his walkie-talkie and shouts an alert. You can hear more guards coming your way. This looks like the end, but it's not.

"You won't have time to shoot me when I stab you with my 7-inch double-edged dagger."

He looks up at you hanging above him and laughs. "I'm no fool. Your dagger fell out of your pocket when you stepped into the trap. It's right there under you." As he bends down to pick up the knife from the floor, you pull out the knife that stayed hooked to your belt with its pocket clip. Before the guard can fully stand, you have cut through the rope with the blade's serrated edge. You stab him in the shoulder just as you use his body to cushion your fall. Before he can react, you grab the other 7" double-edged dagger from his hand and fling both blades at the two oncoming guards. Shunk! Shick! That's three guards dispatched in under ten seconds. Time to free your daughter.

Your daughter shouts to you as you come to her cage. You finally get a close look at her: Her hair is unkempt and she's wearing what looks like a blue jumpsuit.

"What have they done to you? Why did they make you wear prisoner's clothes?"

Amy blushes. "This is what I wear to work, Mom/Dad. I'm a dental hygienist." She purses her lips momentarily and then glances at the keys in your hand. The same guard's keys as before.

"Right. So let's get you out of here."

You unlock the cage and grab your daughter's hand.


You can hear the guards and their attack dogs catching up to you. But, with the guard's keys, you've got an airtight escape plan: You run outside and dash over to one of the henchmen's trucks parked outside. You and Amy jump inside but, before you can start the engine, you realize that a thin layer of ice covers the windshield. You don't have enough time to warm up the car, so you get out the ice scraper, hold it by its knuckle guard, and shave off a chunk of frost so you can see as you drive. You run back in, start the engine, and drive through the chain link fence surrounding the compound. Just as you're driving off, you look at your daughter. She's safe now. You made it through. And that is when feel the cold touch of a gun on your neck.

"Well played, kiddo," a familiar voice says.

"Blight Killian!" you growl through your teeth.

"I think I have your attention now. I need your help with something."

"You tried to kill me. You kidnapped my daughter. Now you have a gun to my head. Why would I help you?"

A smug chuckle comes from the back seat. "I'm sure if you listen to my proposal, you'll be receptive to using your Stealth Polymer Weapons Set for the plan I have in store."

"All right, Killian. I'm listening..."

Product Highlights:

  • Includes:
    • 8 inch Spike Knife
    • 7-inch double-edged dagger
    • 7-inch double-edged dagger with belt clip
    • Knuckle guard ice scraper
  • Non-metal weapons, all polymer (composite plastic material) construction

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  • $6.95 Flat-Rate Shipping on Orders Under $35
  • California Consumers:
     WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/
  • Questions? Email service@karatemart.com
5 star review
"There is not a single one of these that was of poor quality, amazing deal for the price. I particularly love the spike dagger and the knife with pocket clip, but even the "ice scraper" is a quality improvised edged knuckle duster that my woman or daughter could use in a pinch. Definitely recommend!"
Written By:
11/7/23 - 1:04pm
5 star review
"I don't own this product, but I give the fan fiction 5 stars!"
Written By:
10/15/18 - 8:38am
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