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White Dragon Samurai Sword Set

Price: $89.95
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White Dragon Samurai Sword Set
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White Dragon Samurai Sword Set

Price: $89.95
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With the White Dragon Samurai Sword Set, you get an amazing-looking trio of swords with a decorative display stand that's perfect for any home or dojo. This set of three unsharpened swords is made for showing off, so don't be afraid to display them where visitors can gawk and you can rest assured that they believe you are the kind of martial arts enthusiast with great standards.

As a display set, the stainless steel blades are fairly unsharpened. You might be able to butter your toast with these swords, but no one is going to get their arm sliced off without some serious elbow grease. The tsuka on these swords is wrapped in nylon cord in a traditional style. But the real beauty of these swords is their saya or sheaths, which have a stylized dragon and tiger yin yang design. If anyone asks you what the deal is with the dragon and tiger design, say something like this: "In Taoism, yin and yang are forces that form a duality all throughout the universe. Tigers represent the feminine yin and dragons the masculine yang. These forces have to be in constant harmony. If they get out of balance, I have been tasked with restoring order with these swords." That will make you sound like a hero or something.

White Dragon Samurai Sword Set Highlights:
  • Matching Katana, Wakizashi, and Tanto
  • Unsharpened Stainless Steel Blades
  • Nylon Cord Wrapped Handles
  • Decorative Tsuba and Kashira
  • 13.5" by 12" wooden display stand
  • Decorative White and Black Sheath with Dragon and Tiger Yin Yang Design

White Dragon Katana Details:
  • Approximate Sword Length: 37"
  • Unsharpened Blade Length: 26"
  • Approximate Weight: 22 oz

White Dragon Wakizashi Details:

  • Approximate Sword Length: 28"
  • Unsharpened Blade Length: 18"
  • Approximate Weight: 17 oz

White Dragon Tanto Details:
  • Approximate Sword Length: 18"
  • Unsharpened Blade Length: 10"
  • Approximate Weight: 11 oz

Note: We have gotten several calls and want to stress that these swords aren't likely to help you in a cosmic battle to restore balance to the universe. Adventure at your own risk.

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