Fallen Warrior Samurai Sword

Price: $119.95
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Fallen Warrior Samurai Sword

Price: $119.95
If you're taking on a slow walking pack of the undead, then you'll need the Fallen Warrior Samurai Sword strapped to your side. Not for the faint of heart; this sword means business! Unlike other swords that have bendable blades or are unsharpened, this blade is sturdy and sharpened, and has beautiful traditional wrappings in white faux leather cord on the handle and scabbard. This Japanese-style sword can slice through a zombie or two and keep on cutting!

This collectors katana is well crafted and ready to show off with the ultimate cosplay costume. Forged with high carbon steel, the 29-inch sharpened blade is solid, straight, and clean, meaning it does not have a fuller or a hamon line. The ninja sword reaches 40 inches long when pulled out of the wooden scabbard, and it is an impressive weapon to hold, either for photos or for practicing your stances. The handle is lined with synthetic black ray skin and two silver colored menuki that add a decorative flair to the tsuka-ito, or wrapping pattern. The white faux leather cords are woven in a traditional way that creates a diamond eyelet pattern along the handle. The quality of both the wrapped pattern as well as the white pleather cord makes the handle soft and durable, as you don't feel any of the pieces moving around as you wield this katana around. At 41 inches total in length, the walking warrior sword is a full sized, sharpened, and beautiful force to be reckoned with!

The saya, or scabbard, is wooden and skillfully covered with brown pleather. It fits the katana blade like a glove, and the handle fits snugly against the top of the case for when you have cleaned the blade of zombie parts and slide it back in for safe keeping. The saya has the same white faux leather wrapping as the handle, creating almost 10 inches of a sageo, but instead of woven cords to attach this high carbon katana to your side, it has a shoulder sling that has an adjustable clip and buckle. You can fashion this Samurai sword to hang from your hip, your side, your shoulder, or in a new orientation all together with this strap, and it is part of what makes this hybrid katana unique as it mixes different styles of craftsmanship together in an elegant way.

The handle guard is known as a tsuba on katanas, and this zombie slaying sword has a beautiful black metal alloy version with vent holes symmetrically machined around the grip. The part of the sword that attaches the sharpened blade to the handle is the habaki, which is brass on this weapon. Once you pick it up and feel the construction of this sword singing together in harmony, you'll be as impressed as we are! You'll feel the full weight of 2 pounds 15 ounces as you sling it over your shoulder and move on to find supplies, and having the other survivors admire the stark white wrapping and stitched pleather cover.

If you want to have a durable and powerful katana, then this is just for you! Not many other samurai swords can compare to this beauty. Just be careful when using this weapon, as it will cause as much damage to a human as it will to an undead being. Keep yourself from getting infected with the Fallen Warrior Samurai Sword!

Fallen Warrior Samurai Sword Highlights
  • Sharpened High Carbon Steel Blade
  • White Pleather Cord Wrapped Handle and Sageo
  • Wooden Saya with Stitched Pleather Casing
  • Adjustable Brown Pleather Shoulder Strap
  • Total Length: approx. 41 inches
  • Sword Length: approx. 40 inches
  • Blade Length: approx. 29 inches
  • Total Weight: approx. 2lbs 15oz
  • Sword Weight: approx. 2lbs 3.5oz
  • Includes a Black Sword Bag
  • Authentic Addition to any Cosplay Costume
  • Great Collector's Item or Gift

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