White Marble Katana

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White Marble Katana
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White Marble Katana

Price: $109.95
Michelangelo was too busy sculpting to visit any samurai warriors, but he would have loved the White Marble Katana and the pearl white stone print along the scabbard. Constructed of durable carbon steel and modern PVC, this well crafted katana is sophisticated and deadly; a winning combination.

The time that the famous Italian Sculpture was alive was the same time ninjas came to prominence in japan, fighting the skilled samurai with everything they had. But the samurai were still the top dogs, fighting in every civil war that broke out in Japan over the Warring States period. The development of the katana started around the 11th century when it was used by low level samurai because they could not acquire or afford elaborate longswords. As the styles of fighting shifted, a katana proved more nimble and could be worn so the blade was facing outwards after it was unsheathed. This caused the samurai warriors to adapt the katana as their own, and swordsmiths would sign the blades, creating a prestige of honor for those that carried their swords.

This Japanese-style weapon is forged of 1045 high carbon steel, and is expertly sharpened to a fine edge. The blade itself has a blood groove, or long indentation, running along the back spine, and has an aesthetic hamon line along the 28-inch sharpened side. The wave pattern of the hamon line shows the sword was crafted with care but with the price conscious collector in mind. And the craftsmanship continues as the carbon steel sori connects to a brass habaki, which holds the blade tightly to the handle. Any Italian sculpture would be impressed by the way this katana has a slanted tip, called a kissaki, that smoothly tapers to a pointed end. The fine sharpened edge and deadly tip of this 39 3/8-inch sword a force to be reckoned with.

The tsuka, or handle of the katana, is tightly wound with a diamond patterned wrap that covers the entire wooden handle. This provides a comfortable grip, and also secures the faux ivory colored rayskin underneath that is absorbs sweat and has a slip resistant texture. On each side of the handle, under the black nylon cord wrapping, lays a golden colored menuki, a decorative pendent in the shape of a dragon. This helps secure the layers on the handle, and gives divine protection to the bearer as they wield this 2 pound 5 ounce weapon around. With the entire sheathed katana reaching just over 40 inches, the faux marble will compliment any contemporary décor that it is displayed by, with the diamond patterned handle wrappings supplying inspiration as it pops from the black and white contrast.

Leonardo may not have had a katana, but no doubt he would have appreciated the fine art printed PVC scabbard that holds this battle-ready katana. He would have also carried two of them, and eaten pizza with his turtle kin. Placing this iconic weapon on your office wall, in the entry hallway, or among your collection of swords in the den, this well crafted 3 pound samurai sword has the timeless class of being wrapped in marble, even if it is a graphic print. This katana really is the sword in the stone.

White Marble Katana Highlights:

  • 1045 Carbon Steel Blade
  • Sharpened Blade with Blood Grooves
  • Synthetic Ivory Ray Skin On Handle
  • Tsuka-Ito Black Nylon Cord Wrap
  • Black Anodized Metal Tsuba
  • Aesthetic Hamon Line
  • PVC Scabbard with Matte Marble Print
  • Total Length: 40 3/4" (approx.)
  • Sword Length: 39 3/8" (approx.)
  • Blade Length: 28 1/4" (approx.)
  • Handle Length: 10 7/8" (approx.)
  • Tsuba Diameter: 3" (approx.)
  • Sword Weight: 2lbs 5oz (approx.)
  • Total Weight: 3lbs (approx.)
  • Warp and Mold Resistant Scabbard
  • Black Sword Bag with Embroidered Golden Kanji
  • Bright Golden Colored Dragon Menuki
  • Tightly Wrapped Sageo with Black Nylon Cord
  • Well Balanced at the Sword Center
  • High Quality Craftsmanship

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