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Animal Print Kubotan Keychain

Price: $6.95
Animal Print Kubotan Keychain
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Animal Print Kubotan Keychain

Price: $6.95
Not Seeing The Design You Need?
Science has gone too far! The Animal Print Kubotan Keychain is the seamless mixture of a self-defense weapon and ferocious animals. There are three different types:

  • Cheetah: With black spots and a cream color, the cheetah kubotan allows pressure point attacks at breakneck speed.
  • Multicolor Leopard: Likely the result of an unnatural mixture of a leopard and a peacock, the multicolor leopard kubaton has black rosette spots and a rainbow coloration of blue, green, yellow, and orange.
  • Leopard: The greatest of jungle cats, the leopard kubaton has a pattern of rosettes over yellowish orange.
  • Snow Leopard: A rarity in our changing climate, the snow leopard can be found in cold and snowy climates and has black rosette spots over white.
  • Tiger: Sometimes called the yellow zebra, the tiger is known for its biting attacks and ferocious claws. The kubotan named after this ferocious creature does not have sharp claws.
  • Blue Giraffe: Normal giraffes have dakr blothes separated by white or cream color. This kubotan keychain has these dark spots separated by a deep blue. Perhaps the giraffe is holding her breath. Or maybe she's been combined with a blueberry
  • Zebra: Just as the horse-like zebra has stripes, the zebra kubotan has stripes that work well to confuse your attacker.
  • Beige Leopard: Trained for beige missions, the beige leopard kubaton has a tan color with dark spots

Each of these wild kubotans measures 5.5 inches and weighs a little over an ounce. The ribbed design helps you hold onto the kubotan as you're using it and the strong aircraft aluminum makes these self-defense weapons incredibly strong. These self-defense weapons fit easily in your pocket or purse and even have a keyring so that you can attach them to your keys and take one wherever you go. It's like having an African savannah inside your pants.

However, don't leave the zebra kubotan alone with one of the other two, or else it'll get eaten.

Animal Print Kubotan Keychain Features:
  • Available in Eight Designs:
    • Cheetah
    • Blue Giraffe
    • Leopard
    • Snow Leopard
    • Beige Leopard
    • Multicolor Leopard
    • Tiger
    • Zebra
  • Approximate Length: 5 1/2 inches
  • Approximate weight: 1 1/2 ounces
  • Diameter: 1/2 inch
  • Ribbed Grip Design
  • Aircraft aluminum
  • Easy to carry and conceal

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