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New 2-Piece Collapsible Bo Staff

New 2-Piece Collapsible Bo Staff

Two customer questions have long kept us up at night: Can We make a six foot version of the Collapsibel Bo Staff and can we make one that separates in the middle? We can rest easy now that the answer is yes.

It should be no surprise to you that one of the most popular items we make is the Collapsible Bo Staff. This telescoping staff extends out of both ends with just a small amount of centripetal force. How does this marvel of technology work? Through the technical telescoping compression fittings that extend out of both ends when you flick your wrist. It's an impressive weapon to watch and to use. We've honed this extendable bo staff to ensure that the internal magnets are stable and the telescoping pieces are durable. We've also modified the design to allow just one of the two ends to remain open while the other stays closed. This is a popular weapon that we've been proud of.

However, popular culture has demonstrated an improvement on this telescoping weapon: separating in the middle to transform an extendable baton to a pair of telescoping batons. Seeing Sara Lance flip out her batons has made us ache with jealousy.




And that's where the 2-Piece Collapsible Bo Staff comes in. We've modified the handle to have a specialized quick-connector so you can separate and combine the two ends easily. There's no screwing around with complicated procedures and you can convert from one form to the other so quickly that it's possible to do it in the middle of sparring or fighting. Separating the staff into two pieces not only gives you versatility in combat training, but also makes weapon storage much easier.


But there's more. As you may know, conventional wisdom says that a bo staff should be about the same length as the height of its wielder, give or take a few inches. Given that the average height for men is 5'9", it's no surprise that six foot bo staffs are a popular choice. But our Collapsible Bo Staff has long been only five feet in length. Many people have asked us to make a six bo staff that collapses and now we've got it. The six foot 2-Piece Collapsible Bo Staff is great for taller people and people who are looking for that extra reach in their bojutsu practice.


And, just to add even more spice, the 2-Piece Collapsible Bo Staff comes in a variety of colors, namely Red, Black, and Blue (which are, coincidentally, the colors of a defeated opponent). 


In the coming weeks, we're hoping to show off videos of this amazing expandable staff. If you feel like sharing your own video, put it up on social media and tag us (and, of course, don't forget to follow us on your favorite social media. You can even subscribe to our mailing list to get all kinds of deals, specials, and early access to our contests.


And be sure to check out our whole collection of 2-piece collapsible bo staffs and our "metallic" collapsible bo staffs.



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4 Comment(s)
6/21/19 - 9:29pm
Soon as i can, Imma buy one of each color. Y'all can count on it.
6/22/19 - 12:10pm
This is what I’ve been waiting for I need it to fit in my 5.11 tactical backpack so people don’t keep asking me is it a baton !
Nasim Khan
7/15/19 - 1:07am
7/25/19 - 11:21pm
Wow, this is the weapon that I really wanted from the start... will save and buy one

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