Dark Assassin Tactical Katana

Price: $179.95
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Dark Assassin Tactical Katana
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Dark Assassin Tactical Katana

Price: $179.95
With gracefully curved blades and intricate handles and ornaments, authentic Japanese katanas are examples of fine craftsmanship that are often the prized blade of a weapon enthusiast's collection. Their elegant details and deadly designs have attracted both swordsmen and collectors alike for centuries, both for admiration and application in battle. This Dark Assassin Tactical Katana is a modern samurai sword with an adapted handle and dark blade, honoring the design of traditional Japanese swords while introducing contemporary weapon elements.

What most differentiates this modern katana from its traditional predecessor is its handle (tsuka). Rather than wood, the 10" handle of this katana is constructed from hard, black rubber. While old style samurai sword handles improve grip through cotton wrappings and materials such as ray skin, this molded rubber handle has a machined, textured grip to enhance your hold on this tactical weapon. The pommel has a lanyard hole for stringing a cord or wrist strap, ideal for keeping this modern samurai sword on hand during combat or a mission. You can also use the durable metal pommel for striking attacks! Like other katanas, this Japanese style katana also has a hand guard (tsuba). While undecorated, this sleek metal guard prevents your hand from sliding up to the razor sharp cutting edge of the blade as well as defends it against opposing weapon strikes.

The sharp 29" blade of this Japanese style sword is crafted from 1060 high carbon steel. While the curved blade has a similar form to a traditional Japanese sword, the blade of this tactical weapon has a dark color, the reflective steel nearly as dark as the black handle. This katana comes sharpened, ready to serve as a self-defense weapon. Blood grooves run down the length of the blade, lightening its weight. However, this modern katana still weighs an impressive 3 lb 1 oz and is weighted to feel like a Japanese katana!

Just as this tactical samurai sword mixes aspects of both traditional and modern katanas, its sheath (saya) incorporates components of both old and new weapons as well. The sheath has a stealthy, matte black finish, concealing the shining blade within. Lightweight, the sheath does not add much to the overall weight of the weapon. The Japanese style scabbard is decorated with leather strips and has black cords (sageo), tied in a similar fashion to the cords on a traditional katana sheath. This sheath is both a functional stealth tool during an operation or a sophisticated item for display!

Traditional Japanese swords have a beauty that centuries of artistry has refined. Modern katanas and samurai swords like this Dark Assassin Tactical Katana capture their combat potential and adapt it for present day times. Add this Japanese style katana to your selection of self-defense weapons or collection of katanas and ninja weapons!

Dark Assassin Tactical Katana Highlights:

  • Crafted from 1060 Carbon Steel
  • Molded Rubber Grip
  • Dark Colored Blade
  • Blood Groove
  • Matte Black Sheath (Saya)
  • Pommel with Lanyard Hole
  • Length (Unsheathed): 41"
  • Blade Length: 29" (approx.)
  • Handle Length: 10"(approx.)
  • Sword Weight: 3 lb 1 oz (approx.)
  • Japanese Style Sheath - Black Cords (Sageo)
  • Manufactured by Honshu
  • Leather Scabbard Wrappings
  • Weighted Like a Japanese Katana!

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