Dark Dragon Katana

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Dark Dragon Katana

Price: $119.95
What flies through the air, swims in the sea, and cuts any enemy that gets too close to your abode? The Dark Dragon Katana! This sharpened steel samurai sword is a high quality weapon with innovative materials, so you can slice and pose every day of the week for the rest of your dragon-loving life.

The metal blade of this Japanese-style sword is finely crafted 1045 high carbon steel. The sharpened edge measures about 28 inches, and is razor sharp right out of the gate. With the high carbon steel, you can expect this weapon to keep the sharp edge for longer than a lesser metal. While the hamon, or wavy line on the fine edge, is aesthetically applied, it gives the iconic katana look to the blade when you have it on display or when you unsheathe it for a fight.

The rest of this dragon-themed samurai sword is detailed to show the craftsmanship of the maker. The zinc aluminum handguard, or tsuba, is white in color, a rounded square shape, and tough as any blade that will come crashing down on top of it. Decorated with a swirling dragon coming in and out of what could be clouds or ocean waves, this delicately created guard is a beautiful addition to this high quality weapon.

When gripping the handle, or tsuka, you'll feel in control of all 2 pounds 5 ounces of this sword. The tightly wrapped navy blue cord tucks the synthetic white ray skin into place around the wooden handle securely, even with swing after swing during your defensive maneuvers. Also attaching the layers of the handle to the wood underneath are the menuki pendants, or brass-colored dragons that sit one on each side. They comfortably fit in between the corded handle wrap to still give you a flush connection no matter where you hold on to.

Housing this sword for display or transport is the black high gloss saya, or scabbard, that is made of PVC. What is great about using this material to protect the blade is that it doesn't warp, it won't splinter if crushed, and in general is much longer lasting than a normal wooden scabbard. The glossy finish gives a reflective surface, but you'll still be showing off the dark dragon depicted on the side, giving this sharp katana its name. The dragon is staring out into the world, a globe of light in it's claws, feeding the light and dark of this beautiful print.

When not tucked away in the included cloth storage bag, this roughly 40-inch samurai sword will look great hanging from your wall. It has all of the traditional components of a well craft sword while still being affordable and a well crafted weapon. The materials are going to last through battles, and even years more of admiration from your friends and possibly your enemies. Give your collection a dragon-loving weapon that embraces the beautiful side of darkness.

Dark Dragon Katana Highlights:

  • High Carbon 1045 Steel
  • Sharpened Blade with Pointed Tip
  • Decorative Hamon Line
  • White Imitation Ray Skin on Tsuka
  • Navy Blue Cotton Cord Tsuka-Ito
  • Warp-Resistant PVC Scabbard
  • Sword Length: 39 3/8" (approx.)
  • Blade Length: 28 1/8" (approx.)
  • Handle Length: 10 3/4" (approx.)
  • Total Length: 40 1/2" (approx.)
  • Tsuba Dimensions: 3" x 2 1/2" (approx.)
  • Sword Weight: 2lbs 5oz (approx.)
  • Total Weight: 3lbs (approx.)
  • Shining Gold Colored Dragon Menuki
  • Intricate White Zinc Aluminum Tsuba
  • Tsuba Detailed with Dragon and Ocean Waves
  • Solid Black High Gloss Scabbard
  • Detailed Sea Dragon Depicted on Saya
  • Includes Black Cloth Storage Bag
  • Excellent Display and Practice Katana
  • Sword Stand Not Included

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