Hidden Blade Jintachi Sword

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Hidden Blade Jintachi Sword
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Hidden Blade Jintachi Sword

Price: $104.95
Swords were more common in times gone by. Now, there is this Hidden Blade Jintachi Sword to adorn your wall or take your cosplay costume to an authentic realm! This beautiful wooden and steel tachi-style sword is one for the books, and you can slice through those books with either the impressive long blade or the secret tanto knife that appears from the handle. Decorated with antiqued bronze fittings that show the attention to detail, you'll feel the power of the past flow through you as you unsheathe this beautiful jintachi sword!

Historically, the swords of feudal Japan had different phases and styles due to the different materials available, technological advancements, and developing fighting styles. If your enemy was far away, send a flaming arrow; if your enemy was front and center, use a sword. It made sense. Tachis were the preferred sword used by noblemen, horse riders, and anyone in the upper class or government positions because of their refined craftsmanship and rare earth materials. Steel was more difficult to make, difficult to work with, and difficult to defeat in battle, so it was prized whenever it was masterfully constructed into a straight blade with a fine slicing edge. Jintachi swords are reincarnations of this traditional weapon, namely due to a rise in popularity in comic books, graphic novels, and anime manga series. The jintachi is available in a wider range of sizes, styles, and materials, since some will stay on the wall looking awesome, and some might be graded for battle action.

Between the traditional tachi and the modern day jintachi swords came the legendary katana. These blades are a household name, and accompany many images of samurai and ninja warriors, or any hero who happens to find one within arms reach. The katana started as a deviation from the tachi, with a shorter sharp edge blade and a shorter handle being the biggest difference. Another marked change was that katanas are drawn with the cutting edge of the sword facing upwards, while on a tachi and also a jintachi, have a downward facing blade. Traditional tachi swords had a deeper curve than the later katana, since the blades of the former were shorter and ultimately aimed to be lighter and more versatile.

Japan took their swords and the martial arts associated with them to the exalted level that we all admire to this day. The jintachi sword is utilized as a show piece in modern times due to the lighter materials, affordable price, and general lack of needing to carry around a sword at all. They are gorgeously decorated with exquisitely detailed pieces that tell a story about each swords origins. And when you are dressing up as an anime character, a decorative yet functional sword is a must-have! Though this is not an Yōkai blade (who makes swords with special powers in a popular series), it has excellent construction, breath taking ornaments, and a secret! The top of the handle detaches to reveal a 4.25" tanto knife for a sneaky attack! Both metal blades sit into a natural wood scabbard that is sanded and polished for a smooth feel and a classy look.

The 27 1/4" sharpened sword blade is forged with 440 stainless steel, while the hidden handheld tanto is Q235 steel. Along the edge of the sword is the hamon, a wavy stylish line created during the cooling process while making the steel. What sets this beautifully crafted samurai sword apart from the rest, besides the hidden hand knife inside, is the decorative pieces that compliment the natural wood grain and color. The top and bottom of the scabbard are capped with bronze covers that have intricate carvings. These same bronze decorations appear at each opening to protect the wood from fraying out. The rounded tsuba, the flat handle protector, is also cast in bronze, and shares the same beauty as the rest. For securing this wooden scabbard and ninja sword to your belt or obi, there is an intricate taupe wrapping that travels 10 1/2" down the sheath, and has the sageo, or wrapped handle loop, fashioned with bronze and ready to carry the light 2 pound 3 ounce weight of this marvelous sword. From the secret knife to bronzed end cap, or ishizuki, this katana reaches 45", which is over 3 feet long! The hidden tanto blade handle takes up 4.5" of the entire 15" wooden handle. The bronze ornaments around the sageo, tsuba, and that protect the ends make this jintachi sword a gorgeous display piece, even if it never has to cut a thing!

Let this exquisite jintachi sword accompany you to your next convention, strapped to your belt like an authentic warrior. This is no toy version of a sword, no, it is definitely sharp and will deliver the same epic damage that it's ancestors did so long ago. If you have to slice something quick, there is always the less dramatic and more pragmatic hidden tanto knife accessible straight from the top. Feeling this blade in your hands gives a tingling sensation of power and prowess, and maybe, just maybe, you are channeling a bit of a special power after all.

Hidden Blade Jintachi Sword Highlights:

  • Blade Crafted from 440 Stainless Steel
  • Sharpened Edge on Sword and Hidden Knife
  • Taupe Sageo and Ito (Scabbard and Handle Wraps)
  • Bronze Habaki (Blade Connector)
  • Antiqued Bronze Fuchi (Collars)
  • Antiqued Bronze Kashira (End Cap)
  • Natural Wood Grain Saya (Scabbard)
  • Beautiful Bronze Menuki (Ornaments)
  • Brown Leather Hangers and Carrying Cord
  • Elegant and Decorative Display Sword
  • Show Piece for Demonstrations or Ceremonies
  • Great Gift for Collectors!

Jintachi Sword Specifications:
  • Overall Length: 45" (approx.)
  • Sword Length: 43.25" (approx.)
  • Blade Length: 27.25" (approx.)
  • Overall Weight: 2lbs 7.5oz (approx.)
  • Sword Weight: 2lbs 3oz (approx.)
  • Hand Guard Dimensions: 3" x 2.75" (approx.)

    • Hidden Tanto Specifications:
    • Overall Length: 9" (approx.)
    • Blade Length: 4.5" (approx.)
    • Weight: 4.3oz (approx.)

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