Chinese Empress Sword

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Chinese Empress Sword

Price: $119.95
Tucked away in the back of an old wardrobe rests the weapon that has been passed down in your family for ages. Maybe you finally need to cut loose and find yourself, or maybe you are disguising yourself as a solider to take your father's place in the war against the North. Whether you are practicing classic wushu techniques or simply decorating your front entryway with sharp instruments of war, this Chinese Empress Sword will go above and beyond to serve your needs!

This beautiful high carbon steel sword has elegant embellishments of metal and fabric to compliment the atmosphere of royalty. The Chinese-style blade is a mix of two swords; a jian, which traditionally had a straight blade, and a dao that would normally only be sharpened on one side. Since this elegant weapon has both one fully sharpened side, but is also straight as an arrow, than it wouldn't be fair to call it one over the other. But we can call it gorgeous, well crafted, and razor sharp! The spine of the sword is sharpened for the top 5 inches, so there is a dual edge. This makes the pointed tip more lethal than most straight longswords, giving the end two slicing sides to make puncturing through armor or through thin wood nearly effortless.

Different from fighting in battle, this sword is preferable for use as a demonstration or display sword. While traditional Tai Chi swords have a straight blade, they are extremely thin and long, and also have a flat ornate handguard with prongs either positioned forwards or backwards. This empress sword is thicker, making the weight a full 40 ounces, has a shorter but still impressive 28.25-inch blade, and has a rounded handguard that is closer to a katana tsuba than a Chinese broadsword. Both are still ornate, with decorative swirled patterns covering the approximately 3-inch handguard and 3 kanji characters on the blade near the hilt.

The handle makes this sword an optimal choice for display. The hand grip is tightly wound with thin red nylon cord, and both sides of the wrapped portion have metal sections that are engraved with the same spiraling floral print as the handguard. The pommel is a large ring, inspired by historical swords of the Qing dynasty, and this loop gives the sword bearer a way to manipulate the weight during a swing strike. There is an ornamental red wushu tassel dangling from the pommel ring, which serves a number of functions. With an explosive attack, the tassel will flash red before coming to a rest when the warrior finishes in a still pose. The entire 11.25-inch handle that protrudes out of the scabbard is what helps make this Chinese longsword a brilliant display weapon.

With the protective wooden scabbard embellished with decorative metal brackets, this royal scholar sword is an authentic addition to your Forbidden City costume. Or present this sharpened martial sword as a gift to the empress in your life. You'll be able to admire this blade for ages to come, and then pass it down to the next warrior who will bear the crown.

Chinese Empress Sword Highlights:

  • Full Tang High Carbon Steel Blade
  • Smooth Hardwood Scabbard
  • Sharpened Blade with Dual Sharpened Tip
  • Tight Red Nylon Cord Handle Wrap
  • Delicate Red Wushu Tassel on Pommel
  • Rounded Handle Guard with Floral Swirls
  • Total Length: 41.25 inches (approx.)
  • Blade Length: 28.25 inches (approx.)
  • Handle Guard Size: 3 X 3.5 inches (approx.)
  • Pommel Ring Diameter: 2.125 across (approx.)
  • Sword Weight: 2lbs 8oz (approx.)
  • Total Weight: 3lbs 5oz (approx.)
  • Intricately Detailed Brackets on Scabbard
  • Beautiful Handle with Comfortable Grip
  • Center Bracket with 3/8-inch Hanger Attachment
  • Exquisite Saya and Tasseled Pommel for Display

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