Ceremonial Jintachi Sword

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Ceremonial Jintachi Sword
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Ceremonial Jintachi Sword

Price: $149.95
In Japanese culture, katanas are more than mere weapons or instruments of war. Considered works of art, high-quality katanas bear both cultural and historical significance. For samurai warriors, swords were indicators of their status and honor. During World War II, guntō swords were issued to officers of the imperial Japanese military. Japanese swords have even been used in ceremonies and rituals performed by samurai families, the military, and even sumo wrestlers. This Ceremonial Jintachi Sword is a traditional style tachi sword that resembles the tachis used in Japanese ceremonies! This impressively detailed Japanese style tachi sword features a hand-forged carbon steel blade, beautiful flower themed sword mountings, and an ornate decorative scabbard.

Across the eras of feudal Japan, samurai served as both warriors and rulers. As military nobility, samurai were expected to adhere to a strict code of conduct and follow the virtues of bushidō. How samurai swords were handled and used changed over these periods, with different swords falling into favor or their designs regulated by the shogunate governments. The jintachi sword is one of these samurai weapons that evolved across these periods. The predecessor to the katana, the tachi is a long sword that originated in the Heian period. Over time, even as katanas became the long sword of choice among samurai, the tachi sword was carried by high-ranking samurai as a symbol of their authority. Under the shogunate of the Edo period, the jindachi sword was dictated as a ceremonial samurai sword to be worn by samurai in official places, and it was after this enactment that it became known as the tachi sword. While used by samurai families in the past, these decorative blades are still admired for their artistry and used for ceremonial purposes today. One modern ceremonial use of the jintachi sword is in the yokozuna dohyo-iri, or ring-entering ceremony, in Japanese sumo wrestling!

This gorgeous handmade jintachi is a genuine samurai sword that honors the tradition of ceremonial Japanese swords. At 40.5 inches long and 3 pounds 9.5 ounces while sheathed, this tachi has an elegant curve. Even while the blade rests in the saya (scabbard), the beauty and craftsmanship of this ceremonial tachi is apparent, starting with its tsuka (handle). Visible while the blade is sheathed, the 10.75 inch tsuka has a design reminiscent of both samurai and the imperial Japanese military. At 3 inches in diameter, the tsuba (guard) has a cross shape. The tsuba, fuchi (collar), kabuto-gane (pommel), and sarute (knot loop) all have a regal black and gold color with a flower motif. These detailed gold colored flowers and stems shine against the lightly textured metallic black beneath. For samurai, flowers were highly symbolic and were featured on the designs of many samurai swords. Plum blossoms were admired for their resilience, blooming even in the harsh frost of winter. Cherry blossoms were especially significant and a samurai's life was compared to these flowers. Fighting in glory on the battlefield but falling when defeated, a samurai was like a cherry blossom that bloomed on a tree and fell in the prime of its beauty.

The handle is wrapped with black imitation rayskin, the bumpy texture helping to keep the brown cotton tsuka-ito (wrappings) in place. Beneath the diamond pattern of the tsukamaki (wrapping), the gold colored flower menuki (handle ornaments) stand out against the black faux rayskin. The menuki are three flowers in a row, similar to the triple cherry blossom menuki of the imperial Japanese military swords, or guntō, from WWII. Flowers bear a different meaning in the Japanese military. In the imperial military, these three cherry blossoms on the handle signified service to the emperor.

The ornate design of the tsuka extends to the saya (scabbard). The rich brown colored wrappings continue on to the scabbard with a luxurious black and gold pattern beneath them. The saya of this tachi sword has two haikan suspension mounts, a signature sword mounting that allows tachi swords to be worn blade edge-down. However, the haikan of this jintachi is tied with multicolored sageo, just like the jintachis used for ceremonial purposes. These black, white, tan, and purple cords are tied around the mounts. Just like the design of the tsuka, these haikan mounts have a black and gold color and is decorated with small flowers. At the base of the scabbard is the ishizuki, a cap protector at the end of the saya. Matching the tsuka and haikan, the magnificently detailed ishizuki features gold colored flowers and winding stems across a glistening black surface below. Although the saya is made of wood, it has a gleaming orange colored exterior. This metallic exterior sparkles under the light, making this ceremonial tachi a fantastic display piece or gift.

This traditional style jintachi sword is more than an object for display, however. Unsheathing this tachi reveals its hand-forged blade with an undulating gunome style hamon line. This shining 27 inch long blade is crafted from high carbon steel and has no blood grooves. In addition, the blade of this authentic jintachi sword is sharpened! When unsheathed, this sharp tachi is 38.5 inches long and weighs 2 pounds 7.75 ounces. When you are finished admiring the blade of this handcrafted samurai sword, return the sword to its saya to protect it. If you wish to further preserve the beauty of this Japanese style ceremonial sword, you can store it in its included black cloth sword bag with a tie.

These ceremonial tachi swords are fine tributes to the craftsmanship of Japanese style swords and the rich cultural and historical significance of samurai weapons. Just as the jintachi swords of old were passed down as heirlooms or gifts, these jintachis would make excellent gifts for historians, scholars, or those interested in Japanese culture. Make this Ceremonial Jintachi Sword a part of your weapon collection and begin your history with one of these samurai swords today!

Ceremonial Jintachi Sword Highlights:

  • Ceremonial Japanese Sword Style Design
  • Sharp Hand-Forged Carbon Steel Blade
  • Gunome Style Hamon Line
  • Flower Themed Sword Mountings
  • Black Imitation Rayskin Tsuka (Handle)
  • Black and Gold Colored Tsuba (Guard)
  • Black and Gold Colored Fuchi (Collar)
  • Kabuto-gane Pommel with Sarute (Knot Loop)
  • Brown Cotton Tsuka-ito (Wrappings)
  • Triple Flower Mennuki (Ornaments)
  • Wood Saya (Scabbard) with Haikan Suspension Mounts
  • Ornate Black and Gold Colored Haikan and Ishizuki
  • Metallic Orange Colored Saya
  • Multicolored Sageo Cords Tied to Haikan
  • Overall Length Sheathed: 40.5 inches
  • Overall Length Unsheathed: 38.5 inches
  • Weight Sheathed: 3 pounds 9.5 ounces (approx.)
  • Weight Unsheathed: 2 pounds 7.5 ounces (approx.)
  • Tsuba Diameter: 3 inches (approx.)
  • Handle Length: 10.75 inches (approx.)
  • Blade Length: 27 inches (approx.)
  • Includes a Black Cloth Sword Bag with Tie
  • Great Gift for Culture and History Enthusiasts

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