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2-Piece Collapsible Bo Staff

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2-Piece Collapsible Bo Staff
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2-Piece Collapsible Bo Staff

Starting At $159.95
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We revolutionized martial arts training with the collapsible bo staff. We gave you the 2-piece black collapsible bo staff and its different colored counterparts with anodized aluminum handles. Now we're introducing the 2-Piece Collapsible Bo Staff. How is it different than our other 2-piece collapsible staves? The rubberized diamond grip handle you love from the classic collapsible bo staff is back and better than ever in this new design!

This detachable expandable bo staff has a durable steel construction. Collapsed, it measures a compact 2 feet, making it easy to carry with you to practice sessions. With a sharp rotation, the retractable staff extends to an impressive 5 feet. The friction lock design allows the steel shafts to stay in their extended position as you train, so you can strike and block without your weapon collapsing unexpectedly. When you want to return your extendable bo staff to its 2-foot form, driving the metal endcaps into a hard surface does the trick; Just remember to follow through!

What makes this telescoping bo staff different than the original, is the ability to transform into two steel batons. The quick connector in the center of the rubber handle separates the two sides, allowing for quick and easy disconnection. Each baton measures 31 inches, giving you the option to utilize each one individually or opt for dual wielding. The black steel shafts are just as durable when used on their own as they are combined into staff form, and the rubberized diamond grip gives you the same control and secure hold you love.

You have the option to add side holsters and/or a vinyl case to your telescoping baton staff. These additions are all about increased convenience. The holsters allow you to carry both batons on your waist, giving you the ability to wield them at a moment's notice. The fabric-lined case allows the already portable staff to be condensed even further and carried in a package the size of a pair of nunchucks.

When it comes to our collapsible bo staffs, the varieties are endless and the imitations are numerous. This 2-piece extendable bo staff has the high quality you can count on from all of our expandable staffs, with an improved design that gives you more options than ever! Add one to your cart today. You'll be glad you didn't settle for anything less.

Two-Piece Collapsible Bo Staff Highlights:
  • Black Steel Shafts
  • Rubberized Grip Handle
  • Collapsed Length: 24 inches
  • Extended Length: 62 inches
  • Detaches into two 31-inch batons
  • Quick Connector
  • Friction-Lock Design
  • Optional Case and Holsters
  • Approximate Weight: 3 pounds
  • Made in the USA by Kombativ

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+   REVIEWS (1)
"The only improvement that could be made to this weapon is to use the hard rubber handles from the cheaper version, this hard rubber provides a secure grip while allowing a comfortable range of motion, the soft rubber grips on this model cling to the skin too tightly and rub in an uncomfortable manner. The batons are solid and effective, the 31 inch size is awesome and gives them a range of attack and defense not possible with the smaller batons available everywhere else. The mechanism which joins the batons together into the 5 foot bo staff is effective and easy to engage or disengage quickly, once joined the Bo staff is solid and there is no wobble or risk of the batons becoming separated no matter how forcefully they are used. There is a slight spin between the 2 batons when joined but this is imperceptible while using the staff and doesn't affect the use of the weapon at all. The cheaper model does have a more solid open and isn't as prone to partial openings as this more expensive version but as long as care is utilized in deploying the batons this should not be a concern in 85% of use. Except for the hard rubber handles in the cheaper version this 2 piece collapsible bo staff is better in every way to the cheaper version. Now we just need a 40 inch collapsible baton to perfect the collapsible baton as a weapon by itself."
Written By: John
10/17/21 - 6:05pm
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