Red Dragon Katana

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Red Dragon Katana
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Red Dragon Katana

Price: $169.95
There is beauty in power. For centuries, people have conceptualized the abilities of deities and mythical creatures, intrigued by the idea of sublime forces at work. Master martial artists and samurai warriors garner similar adoration, their strength, grace, and talent in their art fascinating to behold. When wielded by skilled swordsmen with pristine technique and controlled strength, katanas can inspire a similar sense of reverence. This Red Dragon Katana is an authentic samurai sword that captures the artistry of Japanese style craftsmanship as well as the splendor of powerful creatures. This magnificent handmade katana has a red color scheme, dragon motif, and a sharp steel blade that embodies the idea of strength combined with beauty!

In Japanese culture, the dragon is a figure of power and authority. Unlike Western interpretations of dragons, Japanese dragons are viewed as benevolent guardians that are associated with wisdom, luck, and protection. However, dragons are not entirely good creatures, and there are several Japanese myths depicting dragons as fearsome monsters of the heavens and the seas. Just like dragons, samurai warriors display the duality of good and evil that comes with incredible strength. With the authority and ability to kill, samurai were expected to exercise self-control and mercy in accordance with the virtues of the Bushido Code. This red dragon samurai sword endows its wielder with similar sense of responsibility. While its dignified design grants the ability to inspire and protect, its sharp blade grants the ability to harm.

From the pommel of its tsuka (handle) down the the sharpened point of its blade, this 39.5 inch dragon katana has a red color theme. Among samurai, red was viewed as a color of power and strength. On the grooves of Japanese spears, only the finest of warriors were permitted to paint a red line, a symbol of their merit. Red is a fitting color for the excellent craftsmanship of this handmade Japanese style sword. The tsuka is wrapped with red cotton tsuka-ito (wrappings), the diamond pattern of the tsukamaki elegantly contrasting against the white of the faux rayskin beneath. This imitation ray skin has a slightly bumpy texture that helps to keep the wrappings in place, enhancing the wielder's grip on the 10.5 inch handle. The handle is decorated with ornate red colored dragon menuki (handle ornaments), the serpentine bodies of these legendary beasts winding across the white ray skin as if they are soaring through a sea of clouds. The metal kashira (pommel) and fuchi also have a royal red color.

Between the handle and blade of this red samurai sword is the 3 inch diameter tsuba (guard). Like the menuki, the tsuba depicts a powerful dragon. This fantastic monster coils around the handle with its fanged mouth open wide, flames dancing around its detailed scaled body and three-clawed feet prepared to strike. Just as dragons are protectors in Japanese culture, this tsuba protects the user's hands from enemy attacks or from sliding up to the sharp 27.5 inch long blade. Like the other features of this hand-forged katana, the blade has a powerful red color scheme. The entire length of the blade has a dark red and black pattern, like blood spilled on a nocturnal battlefield. Crafted from 1045 carbon steel, the blade is viciously sharp and has blood grooves running down both sides to reduce its weight. When unsheathed, this sharp red dragon samurai sword weighs 2 pounds and 3.5 ounces.

Even when sheathed, this genuine katana is still a samurai weapon worthy of admiration. The saya (scabbard) has a rich burgundy color, the gorgeous lacquered wood gleaming under the light. The glossy saya is wrapped with vivid red colored sageo cords, the gold colored shito-dome visible beneath the complex ties. While sheathed, this traditional samurai sword would make a wonderful display piece, weighing 2 pounds and 10 ounces and measuring 40.5 inches. However, if do not want to display this red blade katana, you can preserve it in its included black cloth sword bag with a tie, stored among your other Japanese style swords until you choose to reveal its beauty.

These handcrafted samurai swords are exceptional examples of Japanese style artistry, embodying the symbolism of both dragons and samurai warriors. With its incredibly detailed dragon tsuba, refined red color scheme, carbon steel blade, and exquisite saya, this authentic katana is perfect for collectors and admirers of samurai weapons. Add one of these Red Dragon Katanas to your own sword collection today!

Red Dragon Katana Highlights:

  • Hand-Forged 1045 Carbon Steel Blade
  • Sharp Blade with Blood Grooves
  • Faux White Rayskin Tsuka (Handle)
  • Red Colored Cotton Handle Wrappings
  • Blood Red and Black Colored Damascus Pattern Blade
  • Ornate Dragon Tsuba (Guard)
  • Red Metal Kashira, Fuchi, and Tsuba
  • Detailed Red Colored Dragon Menuki (Ornaments)
  • Burgundy Colored Lacquered Wooden Saya (Sheath)
  • Red Colored Sageo Cords
  • Overall Length (Sheathed): 40.5 inches
  • Sword Length (Unsheathed): 39.5 inches
  • Blade Length: Approx. 27.5 inches
  • Handle Length: Approx. 10.5 inches
  • Tsuba Diameter: Approx. 3 inches
  • Overall Weight (Sheathed): Approx. 2 pounds 10 ounces
  • Sword Weight (Unsheathed): Approx. 2 pounds 3.5 ounces
  • Includes Black Cloth Sword Bag with Tie
  • *Sword Stand Not Included*

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