Red Samurai Katana

Price: $109.95
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Red Samurai Katana
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Red Samurai Katana

Price: $109.95
If you have read about the history of Japan around turn of the 16th century, then you will be aware of the power of the Samurai. This time period was the pinnacle of their power, unrivaled by any shogun leadership for many years, and the warriors spread throughout the countryside doing whatever they pleased. If you were home and a Samurai came calling, it would be up to you and only you to protect your family and your property. You would take a deep breath, then pull this Red Samurai Katana down from its resting place on the wall, and take your fighting stance!

The warrior may look amused at your attempt of defense, but they are unknowingly looking down a hand-sharpened 1045 carbon steel blade that has a fine razor edge. You have been polishing this full tang sword for years, paying attention to apply oil to the entire sori, including the blood groove and faux hamon line, the latter being an aesthetic effect rather than an actual reinforced blade edge. As you grip the crimson red saya and pull on the white shagreen and black nylon wrapped tsuka, or handle, the fighter in your doorway takes a hesitant step backwards, but doesn't lose his ground or his gnarled expression. Then he sees the 28" sharped steel blade come out of the glossy red scabbard, and realizes that he may have picked the wrong house to mess with.

You hold the battle-ready katana the way your grandfather taught you, bent at the elbow to support the 2 pounds 4.5 ounces weight of this ninja sword, and slide your feet into a prepping stance for a defensive move. At any second, the figure in the doorway could attack, bringing his own sharpened steel blade down at you, but you know to stay ready. And you know that the round 3" diameter tsuba, or hand guard, will prevent any weapon from reaching your fingers. The dark antiqued metal of this tsuba has gold painted kanji on the side facing your opponent, and the underside is embossed with a warrior who has his own sword lifted over his head with gold painted trim on various parts of the portrait. How appropriate, you think, as you tighten your grip on the comfortable handle, feeling the bronze-colored menuki dragons that lay under the tsuka-ito wrapping pattern of soft black nylon rope.

This iconic wrap of the handle is partly why you keep this sharpened katana on display in the front room, because you admire the intricate diamond pattern holes that show the white through the black wrapping. A brushed metal kashira caps the pommel of the sword, keeping the wrapping secured and still in your hand as you hold it ready in your fighting position. The room is dead silent. And just like that, this villainous Samurai decides it isn't worth facing this Japanese-style carbon steel sword, so he takes a few more steps back and then quickly retreats. You can breath again, and pick the durable and mold-resistant PVC scabbard up off the floor, and slide the 40" Samurai weapon back into its sheath.

Defend your own home with this elegant and durable steel katana and blood red PVC scabbard. You can keep it on display for beauty and utility, or keep it in the ornately decorated display box of shining red dragon fabric and a soft yellow lining that comes with this Red Samurai Katana. You'll thank yourself, and your grandfather, that you kept this sword safe and sharp.

Red Samurai Katana Highlights:

  • Full Tang Battle-Ready Blade
  • Hand-Sharpened 1045 Carbon Steel
  • Glossy Crimson PVC Saya
  • Aesthetic Hamon and Blood Line
  • Synthetic White Shagreen on Handle
  • Black Spun Nylon Rope Sageo and Tsuka-Ito
  • Antiqued Metal Tsuba and Kashira
  • Total Length: 40.5 inches (approx.)
  • Katana Length: 40 inches (approx.)
  • Blade Length: 28 inches (approx.)
  • Tsuba Diameter: 3 inches (approx.)
  • Katana Weight: 2lbs 4.5oz (approx.)
  • Total Weight: 2lbs 15.5oz (approx.)
  • Bronze Colored Menuki Dragons
  • Elegant White and Black Contrast Tsuka
  • Decorative Red Display Box with Yellow Liner
  • Deep Blood Red Saya for Eye-catching Display*

*Sword Stand not included

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