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Animal Print Spike Keychain

Price: $6.95
Animal Print Spike Keychain
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Animal Print Spike Keychain

Price: $6.95
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There are those who appreciate the fine self-defense capabilities of a ninja spike keychain but are turned off by the boring plain colors. Our selection of Animal Print Spike Keychains gives such people a great selection of animal-themes printed in such a way to give you personalized options while harming the fewest number of animals (no animals were harmed in the designing and making of these ninja spike weapons).

Formed from a collaboration of biologists, materials scientists, and martial artists, these defense spikes are designed with two prongs coming out of a 5" kubotan type shaft. The 1.75" prongs jutting out the sides go between your fingers so that, were you to punch someone while wielding a ninja spike keychain, all of the power of your attack would be concentrated onto just those two points. This, physicists tell us, creates more power and might even puncture flesh!

Check out these fun designs:

  • Blue Giraffe: This version has the typical dark blotches characteristic of giraffes, but with a dark blue color separating them, rather than the typical white or cream color.
  • Snow Giraffe: Black pattern blotches over white. Camouflage is important for snow giraffe calves. You know, those giraffes that live in the arctic part of the African savanna.
  • Leopard: This version of the ninja spike keychain has a yellowish color underneath a pattern of rosettes like you see on a leopard.
  • Multicolor Leopard: This pattern has smaller rosettes than the leopard one and is features rainbow coloration of blue, green, yellow, and orange.
  • Tiger: Tigers are yellow with black stripes, as is this kubotan spike.
  • Pink Camouflage: Many animal species utilize a pink camouflage pattern, including the pink katydid, pygmy seahorse, orchid mantis, sea star, elephant hawk moth, and roseate spoonbill

The animal themed ninja spike weapons are easy to hide. You can fit them on your keychain like a key fob and go out of your house knowing you'll be safe.

Animal Print Spike Keychain Highlights:

  • Sold Individually
  • Aircraft Aluminum Construction
  • Available in Six Designs:
    • Blue Giraffe
    • Snow Giraffe
    • Leopard
    • Multicolor Leopard
    • Tiger
    • Pink Camouflage
  • Overall Length: 5"
  • Spike Length: 1.75"
  • Weight: 1.5 oz (approx)
  • Includes Keyring
  • Easy to Conceal
  • Great for Self-Defense

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