Modern Survival Shovel

Price: $39.95
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Modern Survival Shovel
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Modern Survival Shovel

Price: $39.95
Venturing into the wild takes a lot of survival gear. Every weapon and tool adds more weight to your pack, and more energy expended. Have you ever wondered if there was a way to carry all of the survival weapons and essential tools you needed in one compact package? Well, look no further for the ultimate multitool for the great outdoors, because the Modern Survival Shovel is the last survival weapon you'll ever need!

This tactical multi-tool shovel has a stainless steel shovel head that does so much more than act as a digging implement, although the shovel itself is pretty impressive. The 7-inch long and 5-inch wide round point head with small ledges for using your foot to press the shovel into the soil, making shoveling chores easier. The shovel head folds toward the handle for easier storing. The handle can be extended up to 18 inches, with the overall length of the shovel extending up to 26 1/2 inches. This extension can provide more leverage when you need a full length shovel, rather than a hand shovel that acts more like a spade for gardening. The shovel head can be folded halfway down to a 90 degree angle to act as a hoe, also a useful tool for farming and harvesting crops when living off grid sustainably. The shovel head can also be used as a weapon for bludgeoning if caught without a proper club or other blunt force weapon in dangerous situations.

Incorporated into the shovel head are several useful additions. The sawtooth blade gives you a functional saw for cutting wood and performing other functions that require sawing. The opposite side of the multipurpose survival shovel has a sharp blade, giving you a powerful axe for chopping wood and other materials. The adjustable length handle of this multifunction survival shovel provides leverage when using the ax and saw blades, just as it does when using the shovel. The textured grip helps you keep a secure hold on the handle when performing any variety of tasks. Both blades on the shovel can be used as self-defense weapons if caught without proper straight blade or serrated blade knives or other bladed weapons.

There are two hex sockets on the head of this multifunctional folding shovel, one smaller and one larger, that act as wrenches for tightening hardware. Above the saw teeth is an 8-centimeter ruler, for measuring lengths of rope, paracord, fishing line, sections of branches, and other materials for camping, hiking, and constructing shelters; The activities that require measuring are endless. Next to the ruler is a can opener for easier opening of cans of beans, preserves, and other foodstuffs. Any tool that makes simple things easier while in the wild is welcome; Spending time on minor tasks takes energy away from bigger projects like hunting, fishing, building a fire, and erecting a suitable shelter; Something as small as a bottle opener can be lifesaving.

This multitool folding survival shovel comes with a 3.75-inch black stainless steel blade attachment that can act as a fixed blade knife for cutting, sawing, stabbing, slashing, and chopping. The dual blade, with both straight and serrated edges can be used to cut various things around the camp, such as food, rope, twigs, and more. When attached to a fully extended handle, this blade attachment can be used to make a functional spear for hunting and fishing. As with any blade, this cutting tool can be used as a weapon in situations that require a survival or hunting knife.

This multi-function shovel comes has a glassbreaker attachment that screws onto the bottom of the handle, capable of breaking glass windows if stuck in a vehicle underwater. This tool can also be used to break ice or as a self defense weapon. Attached to the other side of the glass breaker is a whistle and flint fire starter. When in a survival situation, a whistle is extremely useful for revealing your location if lost or injured. The sound of a whistle will travel further than yelling will, and projecting your voice if hurt is very difficult. Building a fire when in a survival situation is the first order of business. Successful fire starting requires kindling and a spark, which is much easier to produce with flint. Flint is among the most useful tools in a survival gear bag, and it's included with this state-of-the-art camping shovel.

In addition, there are two screwdriver attachments included with this convertible hidden weapon, providing both phillips head and flathead screwdrivers. The hexagonal shape shaft attaches securely to the rubber top of the textured grip handle section, for use on a variety of hardware around the campsite without slipping from your hand while performing repairs. This can be incredibly useful if screws in an essential vehicle or piece of equipment come loose.

The entire multifunctional folding shovel comes with a nylon camouflage print sheath and carrying case. Just slip the nylon sheath over the head of the shovel and secure it with the Velcro straps before folding into the handle. The sections of the handle break down, with two sections and the knife blade attachment fitting comfortably into the two pockets of the camo print case, secured by the Velcro flap. Broken down, this multitool survival weapon can be easily carried in a backpack or bugout bag.

Whether living off-grid, hiking, camping, or just venturing into the outdoors for a weekend, survival gear is essential. Now you can carry everything you need in a compact size not much bigger than a reference book. Get one of these multifunctional folding shovels for your next adventure!

Modern Survival Shovel Highlights:

  • Adjustable Folding Shovel - Extends to 26.5"
  • Handle extends to approximately 18"
  • Shovel head angles down for use as a hoe.
  • Shovel Head Dimensions: 7" X 5"
  • Saw Teeth on Shovel for Sawing
  • Axe Blade on Shovel for Chopping
  • Two Hex Sockets in Shovel Blade
  • 8-Centimeter Ruler on Shovel Blade
  • Bottle Opener
  • Glass Breaker
  • Whistle
  • Textured Grip on Handle
  • Flint Firestarter
  • Phillips-Head and Flat-Head Screwdriver
  • 3.75" Dual Knife Blade
  • Camo Print Nylon Sheath and Carrying Case
  • Easy to break down and assemble.
  • Great gift for outdoors enthusiasts of all kinds!

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