Wild Foods Survival Guide

Price: $18.95
Wild Foods Survival Guide
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Wild Foods Survival Guide

Price: $18.95
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We're living in a time of uncertainty. Many are realizing that we all need to play our part in taking care of the only planet we have. Others are seeing that finite resources mean competition for those resources, and a need to prepare for unprecedented scenarios and rapidly changing conditions. Still others are seeking to spend more time getting back to nature, appreciating the beauty and danger of the wilderness. Whoever you are, if you foresee spending more time in the great outdoors, there could very well be a need to survive off of the land, in which case the Wild Foods Survival Guide is an essential tool to carry.

This 128-page edible food survival manual is a thorough guide to which wild foods are safe to consume, and how to prepare them. The high quality paperback book is a manageable size, at around 6 inches by 8 1/4 inches, and is flexible for a comfortable read. This guidebook can be comfortably carried in a backpack, bugout bag, or jacket pocket, for quick reference when you need it. Unlike many pocket guides, the matte cover and paper pages aren't thin and flimsy; You can feel the durability in the thickness of each page as you thumb through their detailed, beautifully illustrated contents.

This wilderness foraging handbook has a seven section full color directory that splits wild edible foods in categories that can be easily understood. This self-sufficiency guide splits foraging into wild plants, herbs, fruits, nuts, mushrooms, seaweeds, and shellfish. Each section covers the food that can be safely consumed and how to prepare them, including some tasty recipes, so roughing it doesn't always have to mean eating slimy grubs and choking down vile scavenged fare. Each edible item has a vividly colored, accurate picture, so you won't be left guessing if something will keep you alive or make you deathly ill. There's also a glossary included in the back of the book that defines terms you may not be familiar with. After all, keeping guesswork to a minimum in survival situations is for the best.

Foraging for wild foods can be confusing, but this book makes self-sufficiency when surviving in the wilderness a little easier. The knowledge contained in this manual is useful for any prepper, survivalist, camper, nature lover, beginner, or expert. Get one of these wild foods survival guides for yourself and perhaps for other survivors you know. Who knows, maybe you'll be eating so well off grid, that you may not want to spend as much time on it.

Wild Foods Survival Guide Highlights:

  • 128 Detailed Pages
  • Beautifully Illustrated in Full Color
  • Book Dimensions: 5.875" X 8.25"
  • 7-Section Foraging Directory
  • Glossary of important terms
  • High Quality Paperback Book
  • Great for all skill levels.
  • Perfect for preppers, campers, and survivalists!

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"Very useful for camping in the woods and helpful in survival."
Written By: Mac Curtis
6/4/22 - 11:04am
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