Personal Alarm Survival Bracelet

Price: $24.95
Personal Alarm Survival Bracelet
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Personal Alarm Survival Bracelet

Price: $24.95
Have you ever been lost in the woods? I know I have! Every adventurer has to worry that they could become lost, and know they need the right tool to get back safe. Unless you suddenly transform into a survivalist expert like Bear Grylls, you will need help getting discovered.

The solution to his can be worn on a light and incredibly useful Person Alarm Survival Bracelet! While bracelets are not always comfortable, this has an adjustable strap to fit your wrist. Whether lost or not, you will have a comfortable, convenient all in one tool for both the petite and large wristed. Further, when out in the wild, one needs their gear to be durable under harsh conditions. This survival watch is strengthened by a 250 lb rated paracord, meaning it has approximately one meter of paracord per strip. It can hold up in the perilous conditions of nature, and will stay attached firmly to the wrist.

Anyone who has trekked into nature knows that it you usually cannot see very far. The woods may be thick, the darkness of night makes vision near impossible, and the weather is unpredictable. However while line of sight is limited, it is much easier to hear noise over distance when in nature. While a shouting voice can carry a short distance, the emergency survival whistle blasts extremely loudly at 130 db with a touch of a button. This could be the key to being found by someone from a much longer range than you can yell. Also, the distinct sound of an alarm makes it clear that someone is in immediate need of help. A hiker lost from the group can be found quickly with the powerful alarm signal.

Now, the scariest situation to be lost in is at night. Your surroundings are frightening, but it also especially difficult to be located. Sending out a highly visible signal in the dark is often the only way to be seen. The LED light atop the bracelet emits a very bright, visible beacon. It can easily be turned on by holding the button for three seconds, then can be pressed again for S.O.S flashes, which a rescuer or responder will know is the code that you are signaling absolute peril.

Even when you do not need to send out a distress signal, one of the most disorienting things about being lost is figuring out which direction to go. Throughout history, the compass has been the best guide of finding your way and not get stuck going in circles. While your phone can go out of range and incapable to assist you, this easy to read compass attached to the top of your wrist will allow you to navigate your way home.

However, if you do not quickly find safety, knowing the temperature is another essential to knowing your surroundings and planning to survive. Too much heat or cold can be quickly deadly. The Farenheit thermometer on the bottom of the band allows you to assess what kind of shelter you need, or if you need to start a fire. When starting a fire becomes essential, you do not want to have to resort to trying for hours to rub two sticks together. Here, with the magnesium rod flint with scraper blade on the bottom of the wrist band, you can spark the fire that keeps you alive.

No one knows if or when they will be lost, but everyone wants to be prepared if they are. Pick up the Personal Alarm Survival Bracelet today and know that you and your family can have the device to be safe on the next adventure!

Personal Alarm Survival Bracelet Highlights:

  • Adjustable Strap to Fit Your Wrist Size.
  • Made of 250 lb Paracord. Approximately 1 Meter of Paracord Per Strip.
  • Emergency Survival Whistle
  • Magnesium Rod Flint with Scraper Blade for Starting Fires.
  • Compass
  • Fahrenheit Thermometer
  • LED Light. Hold for 3 Seconds Turns it On. Press it again for S.O.S. Flashes. Hold for 3 Seconds to Turn it Off.
  • 130 Decibel Personal Alarm. Hold for 3 Seconds turns it off and on.

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