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Pocket-Sized Weapons That Could Save Your Life!

Pocket-Sized Weapons That Could Save Your Life!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, I decided to focus my attention on effective self-defense weapons that will fit in your pocket. I wanted to give our viewers a chance to see some of my favorite pocket-sized weapons up close and personal. Check out the video!

A couple of weeks ago in the Phoenix area, a lady was brutally attacked by a man with a baseball bat while she was hiking on a mountain trail. After hearing about this horrible story, I started thinking about what I would suggest my Mom to carry to protect herself if she was ever attacked. So, I made this video to give people some ideas of self-defense products that might help to keep them safe. One thing I need to mention before going any further is that the laws are different in every Country, State and municipality, so it is important to check your local laws before carrying any self-defense weapon.

The first weapon I decided to show off was the Hidden Blade Pepper Spray. I wanted to mention this weapon because it is perfect for someone who has never taken any self-defense training. It features a standard pepper spray, but also has a hidden blade that you could use to protect yourself with if the pepper spray wasn't enough.

After discussing the pepper spray, I wanted to show off one of my new favorite self-defense keychains. The My Kitty Self-Defense Keychain is an awesome pocket-sized weapon that is made in America and easy to conceal. I really love the size of this weapon and how well it is made.

One of the comments I gotten in the past involving self-defense weapons is "Why don't you just carry a knife?". So, I spent a little time answering that question and showing off two of our newest knives. The first one I reviewed was the D2 Full-Tang Tactical Knife. This knife is fantastic because it features a thick blade made from a very wear-resistant D2 steel and a very comfortable G-10 handle. In addition to that knife, I showed off the D2 Full-Tang Skinning Knife, which is slightly smaller and more pocket-sized.

I didn't want to spend too much time looking at knives, so I decided to show off some pocket-sized impact weapons that could be used for self-defense. The first one I reviewed was the Chrome Ninja Manriki Chain. While this is not traditionally classified as a self-defense weapon, it's portable size and ease of use make it a practical weapon to learn how to use for self-defense purposes.

Next, I walked over to the Large Monkey Fist Keychain to give our viewers a better idea of what this unique weapon is all about. While seemingly small and non-threatening, a monkey fist keychain can be a very effective self-defense weapon if used properly.

After showing off the monkey fist keychain, I took a stroll over to the area of the warehouse where we keep our batons and other impact weapons. The first one I reviewed was the Slap Jack. Slap Jacks are really cool SAP weapons used to knock out your attacker using strikes to specific parts of their body. We carry two different sizes of slap jack, which means that there is a smaller version that easily fits in your pocket.

In addition to the slap jacks, I showed off the Black Jack, which is similar to a slap jack, but has an internal spring which allows you to get a little more momentum in your swing. It is also shaped a little bit differently which may make it easier to pinpoint the area you want to strike.

The next thing I looked at was the Black Pocket Baton. I explained why sometimes it is better to buy a smaller baton than a larger one and then showed off this pocket-sized baton that expands into a functional self-defense weapon. I also showed off the Spring-Loaded Pocket Baton, which is a little bit larger, but pops open with the push of a button.

Lastly, I spent some time talking about stun guns and showed off one of our newer pocket-sized stun guns. The Safety Alarm Stun Gun is very small, but packs a mean punch! One of my favorite things about it is the 150 dB personal alarm that could grab the attention of people around you if you are being attacked. Check out the video for more information about all of these items.

Here's the video:

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