Solid Brass Dragon Tekko

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Solid Brass Dragon Tekko
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Solid Brass Dragon Tekko

Price: $49.95
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The tekko originated in Okinawa, Japan, where stirrups and horseshoes were weaponized into fist-load weapons. Because weapons were banned in Okinawa, agricultural tools were often used in creative ways to protect Okinawans from attack. From simple gardening implements, weapons like nunchakus, throwing stars, kunai, and tekkos emerged, allowing commoners to defend themselves. The traditional stirrup tekko, which consisted of a semicircle with two ends connected by a bar, was made from lightweight metal and wood. These fist loading weapons evolved over time into modern versions seen today, like the Solid Brass Dragon Tekko.

This eclectic knuckle duster is constructed from solid brass, with the knuckle guard boasting an impressive 6-millimeter thickness. This fist load weapon is heavy, weighing just a couple ounces shy of a pound; That's 14 ounces of solid metal combined with the weight and momentum of the fist, delivering a greatly increased amount of force when compared to an unweighted punch. Often, Okinawans enhanced their fist-loaded weaponry with bolts and carved points or metal spikes, protrusions that inflicted greater damage to attackers. The hand guard on this dragon knuckle duster has 5 pointed spikes on the rim, operating like a set of spiked knuckles. The knuckle grooves on the inner arc of the knuckle guard provide a more secure grip by filling in any gaps that could disrupt the movement of energy from the body, through the solid brass weapon, and into an assailant.

At its widest point, this modern tekko is nearly 7 inches across, a great deal larger than a set of brass knuckles. The 2 1/4-inch handle has ridges for a comfortable, sturdy hold on your fist-loading weapon. On each side of the handle, two fierce dragon heads curve out from the ends and back toward the handguard, where three claws appear to wrap around the guard itself. The Okinawan style tekko is a continuous solid piece of brass, with impressive detail. The individual scales on the dragons, the teeth and nails, the plated spines, and the emotive eyes, all conjure imagery reminiscent of Japanese folklore. So, while this contemporary brass tekko has elements that have clearly evolved with time, one can clearly see the ancient influence and reverence.

The tekkos of today can thank the humble horse stirrup, transformed by Okinawans into a formidable fist weapon that defended against attackers in ancient Japan, and today is used by some experienced martial arts practitioners to practice discipline. Solid brass tekkos are not weapons you'll commonly see as everyday carry weapons, tucked in gear bags or pockets. These eclectic weapons have a storied past that should be respected. Brandishing a modern day tekko for self-defense can result in severe injury and serve as an invitation to those who only seek to cause great harm to others. When in responsible hands, solid brass dragon tekkos like this one can be shown off in ways that don't promote recklessness and violence. This dragon tekko is a gorgeous weapon that is perfect for historians, collectors, and highly proficient martial artists. Get one today and admire its high-shine finish and ornate details as a display piece, while practicing tekko kata, or using as a demonstration tool to teach restraint and pay homage to the past.

Solid Brass Dragon Tekko Highlights:

  • Solid Brass Construction
  • Approx. Dimensions: 7" x 3 3/4"
  • Approx. Handle Length: 2 1/4"
  • 5 Spikes Along Knuckle Guard
  • Approx. Thickness of Guard: 6 mm
  • Finger Grooves for Comfortable Grip
  • Japanese Dragon Design
  • Approx. Weight: 14 oz
  • Beautiful gold brass color
  • Polished Mirror Finish
  • Great gift for collectors!

Please check your State and local regulations before purchasing this weapon to make sure it is legal to be shipped to your area. Seriously. It's up to you to follow the law.

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"Heavier than my Batarang brass knucks looks beautiful hanging on my wall feels very nice in the hand."
Written By: Mac Curtis
2/27/22 - 10:33am
"I received this thing today, and omfg I can't even begin to describe how cool it is, but I'll try anyway. So much better than any type of knuckle duster I've ever held, a little tight for my big hands, but luckily not so tight to the point of being unwieldable. Not only is it the most effective type of brass knuckles for causing serious damage, but also the most stunning to look at. The fives spikes on the outer layer (when punching against bone) can easily cause bones to crack with minimal application of force! It's my opinion that even someone with weak punches can defend themselves as long as they get in one clean hit to their assailant's skull. Be aware: That while body shots with this weapon are plenty effective, attacks to the cranium are potentially lethal."
Written By: Calen
2/3/22 - 3:23pm
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