Traditional Hand-Forged Katana

Price: $259.95
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Traditional Hand-Forged Katana
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Traditional Hand-Forged Katana

Price: $259.95

The way to cultivate simplicity is to do one thing and do it well. A minimalist approach to life may make you less prone to have enemies, but it will help you defeat them if you do. Wielding the Traditional Hand-Forged Katana is a simple way to win any fight that comes your way. This high-quality samurai weapon was crafted by an expert for you, yes you, to take home, admire, and train in the way of the sword.

Whether you are reading the Art of War or The Book of 5 Rings, swordsmanship is a craft that allowed warriors to focus on their forms and movements without distractions. This required them to have a katana that would bend to their will, to move as they move, and to cut, slice, and stab without resistance. This hand-forged weapon is crafted of 1060 carbon steel and clay tempered in the traditional manner to create a hard sharpened edge that reaches 28 3/4-inches long. This process leaves a hamon line, or a wave pattern, along the fine edge. The line is genuine on this authentic samurai katana.

The elegant simplicity continues to the handle, or tsuka, of this beautiful Japanese-style weapon. The 10 5/8-inch grip portion of the wooden handle is first covered with a piece of ray skin in accordance with tradition, which is then wrapped with a light brown cord in a tsuka-ito pattern. This allows the white skin to show through the diamond shaped holes and also shows the menuki pendants. These decorative antiqued figurines are in the shape of dragons, as they are thought to be the protective spirit of all warriors during battle.

The handguard, or tsuba, is a 3-inch rounded iron disc that will protect your fingers from incoming strikes, but also gives the sword maker a way of showing the personality of the sword through artistic carvings. The tsuba on this hand sharpened sword resembles the lines found in symmetrical architecture that can be seen around Japan to this day. The squares are full of negative space to allow the iron to provide protection without adding more weight to this 2 pound 3.5-ounce weapon.

The light brown tone of the handle complements the dark brown woven cord that is wrapped around the scabbard, or saya, which serves as a place to grip the wooden cover without leaving handprints. The glossy black saya makes the decorative pieces of this traditional katana pop out even more. The simple design of the handle keeps the cords in place with rustic zinc brackets on the top and bottom of the grip, so you can swing around this 39 3/4-inch long weapon without fear of losing control.

This katana comes in a display box that has a woven olive-green exterior with a light brown cloth liner inside. You will find the sword inside of an ornate transport bag, made of a thick silky cloth that is covered in kanji characters and has large tassels to secure the bag around the tsuka. This weapon is simply a beautiful sight to behold, so find space in your collection for it, or present this imperial gift to a friend of family member that will appreciate the craftsmanship.

Traditional Hand-Forged Katana Highlights:

  • Sharpened 1060 Carbon Steel Blade
  • Expertly Clay Tempered Maru-Kitae
  • Authentic Ivory White Ray Skin
  • Light Brown Handle Cord Wrapping
  • Dark Brown Sageo Cord Wrapping
  • Fuller along the Katana Blade
  • Rounded Iron Shuriken Tsuba
  • Decorative Zinc Kashira and Fuchi
  • Sword Length: 39 3/4" (approx.)
  • Blade Length: 28 3/4" (approx.)
  • Handle Length: 10 5/8" (approx.)
  • Total Length: 40 1/2" (approx.)
  • Tsuba Diameter: 3" (approx.)
  • Sword Weight: 2lbs 3.5oz (approx.)
  • Total Weight: 2 lbs 11oz (approx.)
  • Antiqued Dragon Menuki on Handle
  • Wooden Saya with Solid Black Gloss Finish

Also Includes:

  • Bamboo Green Display Box with Liner
  • Beautiful Transport Bag with Tassel
  • One Pair of White Handling Gloves
  • Certificate of Authenticity with Serial Number

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