Blue Dragon Katana

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Blue Dragon Katana

Price: $89.95
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You have been craving to possess a sword for years, after watching all of your heroes fight with them in scene after scene of films or on television. You admire their elegant stances and quick movements with their blade of choice, inspiring you to practice with old packing materials and broomsticks. Now, you can possess a beautiful hand-sharpened sword that carries the protective power of the dragon along with it. Make room on your shelf or wall for the Blue Dragon Katana.

This well crafted sword is not going to break the bank, and it is sturdy enough to not break with light sparring usage or as a display sword. The quality speaks through the hand forged steel, a clean and full tang 28-inch blade. There is no fuller or hamon line along the fine edge, just a full shinogi, or blade ridge, running from the handle down to the pointed tip. This long steel blade captures the imagination of warriors of old, slowly sliding this gray steel sword out of the blue dragon scabbard to have a face to face encounter with an enemy, Samurai versus Samurai. Picture the clash of metal, the scream of various Kiai, and the quick movements to block any incoming swings, and you're transported to the battlefield in feudal Japan! If you feel more alive when you imagine an opponent's steel katana missing your face by inches, then you are ready to own and care for your own samurai sword!

The matte midnight blue wooden saya provides a great background for the painted flying dragon that curls around with it's claws out. The dragon is maroon in color and has antique Japanese-style streamers and clouds swirling around to give the impression that this legendary serpent is airborne. The dark background provides a foundation for the painted decal to pop out of the saya and into whatever room you choose to keep it in. The wooden scabbard is well constructed and eye catching; a perfect combination for keeping your home safe and beautifully decorated. Along the top portion of the sheath is the sageo, or the wrapped rope that gives you the option of attaching this ninja blade to your costume belt or strapping it to your back. The dark blue woven nylon rope wrapped around the scabbard will also provide a gripped section for you to hold and pull as you unleash this hand-forged katana out to practice the same stances of your heroes.

The handle is traditionally wrapped in a diamond katana formation with the same woven nylon rope as the sageo. The eyelet holes of the folded handle wrap allow you and others to see the menuki underneath, which are dragon figurine attachments that keep the synthetic blue ray skin snuggly connected to the wooden handle. The handle guard is antiqued metal, completely round and about 3 inches in diameter. One side of the zinc alloy tsuba depicts a mountain cliff with sparrows, with a flying dragon on the other side, both using the authentic Japanese-style art of wide swirls and outlines of the figures. A hole is punched out of one side of the tsuba to give you an extra option of securing the sword to your person or your gear if you are taking it out into the world. With the protective and authoritative power of the dragon, and how it appears multiple times on this blue samurai katana, you can be sure that there is a connection between the fire-breathing hydra and this full tang steel weapon.

The total length of this dark blue ninjitsu katana is 40.5 inches in the scabbard, and 39 inches by itself. While this is longer than traditional sword sizes for the warriors of antiquity, this impressive hand crafted blade weights less at 2 pounds 4.5 ounces and has a 8.5 ounces saya. Zinc alloy attachments are located on the pommel of the intricately wrapped handle to keep the cords from moving, and also around the neck of the scabbard so that the sword does not splinter the opening with repetitive removing and replacing of the sharp blade. The carbon steel of the sword attaches to the handle with a wide brass habaki that catches the light and makes unsheathing this Samurai sword like a dramatic scene from a movie! The durable steel will need to be cleaned of finger prints or dirt and occasionally oiled to prevent any oxidation, so you can enjoy this dragon katana for years to come.

Gift yourself this iconic Blue Dragon Katana for your own personal battles, or add it to a friend's collection of swords that is missing some midnight blue! Bring the protective power of a dragon into your home or dojo to watch over you and others in your fights against evil in the battlefield. Just make sure you are equipped with this battle-ready sharpened katana with the brilliant flying dragon to give you the best odds!

Blue Dragon Katana Highlights:

  • Razor Sharp Carbon Steel Blade
  • Dark Blue Wooden Scabbard
  • Synthetic Black Ray Skin on Wood Handle
  • Navy Blue Nylon Rope Wrapping
  • Zinc Alloy Tsuba, Menuki, and Kashira
  • Detailed Colorful Dragon on Saya
  • Ornate Dragon Design Tsuba
  • Full Tang, Hand Sharpened Blade
  • Total Length: 40.5 inches (approx.)
  • Blade Length: 28 inches (approx.)
  • Tsuba Diameter: 3 inches (approx.)
  • Katana Weight: 2lbs 4.5oz (approx.)
  • Total Weight: 2lbs 13oz (approx.)
  • Beautiful Weapon for Display

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5 star review
"Beautiful and great quality"
Written By: Kate
5/5/22 - 4:43pm
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