Black 2-Piece Collapsible Bo Staff

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Black 2-Piece Collapsible Bo Staff
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2-Piece Collapsible Bo Staffs Available in 6 Colors



Black 2-Piece Collapsible Bo Staff

Starting At $174.95
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Cannot be shipped to CA, NJ or PA. Laws vary by state and municipalities. Please check your local laws to be sure this item is legal to possess before ordering.

Flick it open to create a staff or use the quick-connector to separate it into two dangerous pieces, it's the Black 2-Piece Collapsible Bo Staff. Made right here in KarateMart's very own ninja forges, this variant of our classic Collapsible Bo Staff takes the great design you know and love and adds the ability to separate your bo staff into two batons.

Open the telescoping bo staff with a sharp flick of the wrist. Re-collapse it by driving down both ends straight on into a hard surface. The compression fittings on the steel telescopic pieces keep the extension firm when the staff is open and the internal magnetic lock keeps everything secured when the staff is closed. We've even designed the staff to allow you to have one end collapsed and one end open.

There are two length options with the black extendable staff. The five foot version measures 62" when extended and just two feet when collapsed. The six foot version measures 73" when extended and 34" when collapsed. No matter your bo staff length, the double-ended expandable staff has an aluminum handle that has been anodized with a black coloration to match the steel shafts. This anodized handle also has a diamond pattern machined into it so that your staff looks awesome and feels secure in your hands.

Unlike our classic collapsible bo staff, the handle of the black 2-piece telescoping staff has a quick connector that allows you to separate the bo staff into two collapsible batons. Transforming the staff into two 30" batons (or, 37" with the six foot version) doesn't change any of the features of this convertible weapon. You still get the great diamond grip handle and the durable steel shafts. The power and flexibility you get from this 2-piece staff can't be overstated. The staff is easy to store in the side holsters that you can get with the staff-baton combo.

Let the black handle 2-Piece collapsible bo staff turn you into a powerful martial artist with an impressive weapon that will fill everyone with awe.

Not seeing the quantity that you're looking for? We work closely with the manufacturer and we are able to fulfill large order very quickly. Contact customer service via email at service@karatemart.com or by phone at 1-800-977-6928 for further assistance.

Black 2 Piece Retractable Bo Staff Highlights:

  • Extendable Steel Shafts
  • Two Length Options: Five Feet and Six Feet
  • Lightweight Aluminum Handle
  • Black Anodized Handle and Black Steel Telescoping Shafts
  • Metal Caps on the Ends for Extra Bite
  • Powerful Extendable Design - Opens up from two ends into a solid training staff!
  • Approximate Diameter: 1/4" the ends and 1" in the center
  • Optional Side Holsters for 5-Foot Staff
  • Made in the USA by Kombativ
  • Patent Pending Design

Two Length Options:

  • 5 Foot Collapsible Staff
    • Approximately 62" Extended
    • Approximately 24" Collapsed
    • Weight: 3 lbs (approx.)
    • Approximate Baton Length: 30"
  • 6 Foot Collapsible Staff
    • Approximately 73" Extended
    • Approximately 34" Collapsed
    • Weight: 3.5 lbs (approx.)
    • Approximate Baton Length: 37"

Please check your State and local regulations before purchasing this weapon to make sure it is legal to be shipped to your area.

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  • California Consumers:
     WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/
  • Questions? Email service@karatemart.com
"Worked fine for cosplay, but I wouldn't bet my life on it. The connectors work well, but they do mess with the balance slightly. If the baton warps, it will not redeploy, but if you just want it for fun, its awesome."
Written By: Derrick
11/28/22 - 8:40am
"I like your description of your bo staffs and will buy one as soon as I can afford it."
Written By: Bobby McEarchern
4/19/20 - 7:19am
"Just got mine in black.3/24/20 . Holy sh** I love this thing .this is what wanted ,since I was Little . It my Robin/Nightwing/Darth Maul Batons/Bo thank you for makeing this"
Written By: James
3/24/20 - 2:52pm
"Finally a two piece collapsible staff that works!!! KarateMart has outdone themselves again. The major gripe I have with this staff is the grip. I wish they left the grip part smooth and not etched lines into the metal because it can be very rough on the hands, especially for long practice sessions. I frequently slide my hands on the bo in my kung-fu forms to change hand grips and the etched metal doesn't help."
Written By: Jay
12/11/19 - 6:15pm
"The connector mechanism was a bit sticky at first, but with a bit of use it loosened up. Otherwise, I just wish the grip was rubberized or something instead of the rough pattern etched into the metal, but I fixed that easy with a bit of hockey tape"
Written By: Jimmy
8/26/19 - 2:18pm
"Perfect as always. Delivery was speedy-Took me a hot second to figure out the new locking mechanism but once I did it all came together nicely. Will stay tuned for future updates and color variations(fingers crossed on a Pink/Magenta Bo lol) Keep up the good work KarateMart!"
Written By: Taeylor
8/17/19 - 4:44pm
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