Paracord Survival Guide

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Paracord Survival Guide

Price: $23.95
If you were stranded on a deserted island, what is the one item you would take with you for survival? If you said something other than paracord, you'll need to read this Paracord Survival Guide to see why you should change your answer! Cord and string are one thing, but paracord is a level up, and it is ready to help you with whatever task you need, provided you know how to use it. This essential guide to paracord is chock full of lessons, projects, tips, and tricks about using this all-purpose parachute cord on your next adventure.

This step-by-step guide walks you through various situations where you may need to secure, tie, hang, wrap, loop, and even cut with paracord at a time when other supplies are scarce. There is no limit to what paracord can do! With 60 projects that aren't all tying knots, you'll have a physical reference manual in your hand when an internet signal may not be available. You can use this paracord reference book to get some good starting ideas and then modify the project based on the task at hand. Besides the practical lessons, it thoughtfully gives mention of many creative ways to wrap and braid paracord, how to clean cord that has become contaminated, and how to fashion tools that would otherwise take up more room in your gear bag.

This heavy duty gloss paperback guide teaches you how to do some essential tasks that could save your life while you're out in the wilderness, such as starting fire, safely boiling water, trapping food, first aid, and securing shelter. It will help you make the supplies you pack into a variety of multi use tools, so you can travel with a lighter. Just leave room for more paracord, and this full color catalog to show you how to use it. Channel your inner MacGyver and impress your buddies by making your own net from scratch the next time you are out fishing. Add it to your bookcase collection of outdoor manuals. Keep it handy in your rainy day gear for when prepping and worst case scenarios are on your mind.

The coveted merit badges of the scouts are knot tying, outdoor survival, and emergency preparedness. Master all of these with supreme paracord knowledge, either by reading this book with your young scout, or having them read it and then show you what they learn. The writing is clear and concise, making the most of the space on each page. There are plenty of trivia tidbits stashed in the margins that will make you appreciate paracord and extreme outdoor survival; Like how paracord comes from parachutes, and what makes it superior to regular twine, rope, or yarn. Scout leaders will understand how versatile this survival cord is and how many ways it can be used to either make your outdoor experience more enjoyable, or how it can save your life by creating a tourniquet or a stretcher. Knowledge is power, and these paracord project guides will give you the power you need to survive!

Pick up one of these pictured paperback handbooks to take out on the trail with you, or work on one of the many projects by yourself or with your family on the weekends. As the saying goes, give a man some paracord and he will tie a knot, give a man a paracord survival guide and he will build a castle! Or something like that. (Castle building lesson not included.)

Paracord Survival Guide Highlights:

  • 248 Easy to Read Pages
  • Illustrated with Color Photos and Diagrams
  • Book Dimensions: 7" X 5.75" X 0.5" (approx.)
  • Book Weight: 14 ounces (approx.)
  • Glossary and Index for Fast Terms Search
  • 60 Projects Using Paracord
  • Additional "Quick Para-Hacks" Included
  • Thick Gloss Paper and Durable Paperback Cover
  • 10 Chapters of Projects and Information
  • Useful Knowledge for Scouts
  • Essential for Survivalists, Hikers, and Hunters

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