Traditional Chinese Miao Dao

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Traditional Chinese Miao Dao
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Traditional Chinese Miao Dao

Price: $339.95
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The wushu techniques of the ancients are being passed down from teacher to student every generation. But in China, these teachings are becoming lost as the sword is being replaced by computer code as the way to win wars. Recently, even the authorities have sponsored the preservation of classic fighting styles and weapons. With this resurgence and support, you can now own a Traditional Chinese Miao Dao and train with modern masters to learn the true way of the sword.

There is a lot of history around weapons of war from the Asian continent. The maio dao, also called a dandao, became more common around the 16th century in China. After Japanese invaders began riding horses, the combat swords of the soldiers grew longer to be able to stay out of the cavalry's reach. Even though the katana was taking shape during this time period, there is no relation to the shape of the maiodao or the other weapons being used. To accommodate the longer blade, swordsmiths made them thinner, gave them fullers on each side, and used flexible metals that would withstand dramatic movement.

This traditional weapon is forged with high quality 75Mn spring steel and polished clean. The taper from hilt to tip was recorded in scrolls, and masters today use the same formula to keep the blade rigid at the end while flexible at the pointed tip. Given an ultra-fine edge, making it razor sharp, these modern versions are used for demonstration, but can do some serious damage if your spectator gets too close!

Like many other longswords, this sharpened blade is concealed in a wooden scabbard that is sanded smooth but unpolished, leaving the natural wood grain feel and color to the casing. This also means that one should keep this weapon away from moisture, as it can warp or grow mold if not properly stored. To make caring for it easier, this martial arts sword comes with a beautiful display box that will keep it protected from the elements and preserve the high quality materials. The scabbard is decorated with ornate gold colored metal brackets that have simple yet elegant floral swirl engravings. This is also present on the rounded oval handguard that sits at the hilt of the blade, which prevents your hands from sliding up and getting cut by accident.

The handle of this weapon is almost 17-inches long, and since this dandao weights about 3 and a half pounds, it is used with two hands. Adding the scabbard makes it about 5 pounds, so the delicate yellow tassel that is strung on the scabbard is probably not strong enough to hold it alone. As you work on your wushu techniques with your sensei, you will get to know the 39.5-inch blade that is reaching out towards your opponent. With a total length of about 57-inches, you can put your social distancing into practice, because that is a long reach!

Preserve the tradition of skill that comes with wielding a sword from antiquity. Work with your master to learn this weapon, or simply keep it on display as the impressive work of art that it is. With the attention to detail on the decorations, and the craftsmanship of the long spring steel blade, this historical Chinese saber can be a crowning addition to any sword collection.

Traditional Chinese Miao Dao Highlights:

  • 75Mn Spring Steel Blade
  • Extremely Sharp Fine Edge
  • Double Fuller to Reduce Weight
  • Smooth Natural Wood Scabbard and Handle
  • Total Length: 57 1/2" (approx.)
  • Blade Length: 39 1/2" (approx.)
  • Handle Length: 16 1/2" (approx.)
  • Miao Dao Weight: 3lbs 7.5oz
  • Total Weight: 5lb 2oz (approx.)
  • Handguard Dimensions: 3 1/8" X 3 1/2"
  • Curved Metal Tines Disc Handguard
  • Traditional Yellow Tassels on Scabbard
  • Ornate Gold Colored Brackets as Decoration
  • Round Golden Handguard with Floral Swirls
  • Strong yet Flexible Manganese Steel
  • Beautiful Display and Storage Box Included
  • Exquisite Replica of a Weapon from Antiquity

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