Traditional Samurai Katana

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Traditional Samurai Katana
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Traditional Samurai Katana

Price: $119.95
With expertly forged blades and beautifully crafted handles, high quality Japanese swords are considered works of functional art. Authentic katanas are not only admired display pieces, but sharp weapons with rich cultural and historic significance. This Traditional Samurai Katana is a genuine katana that includes facets of samurai culture and Japanese style craftsmanship in its design. With a cherry blossom tsuba, traditional style tsuka, and sharp carbon steel blade, this samurai sword is a purposeful piece of art.

This katana pays tribute to the samurai warriors of old the the honored weapons they carried. At 29" long and 2 lbs 4.5 oz while unsheathed, this Japanese style sword has a simple, refined appearance. Unlike other modern katanas, this traditional style katana doesn't incorporate gaudy colors or plastic handles. The 10.75" tsuka (handle) is wrapped with white faux rayskin, the bumpy texture imitating the rayskin used on real samurai swords. The texture of the faux ray skin is not merely aesthetic; it serves to keep the tsuka-ito (wrappings) in place. Crossing down the handle in the tsukamaki wrapping style, this black cloth wrap contrasts against the white imitation rayskin below and also enhances grip. The gold colored dragon menuki (handle ornaments) shine beneath the wrappings. These ornate dragons are incredibly detailed, the scales and spines visible across their winding bodies. In Japanese culture, dragons are viewed as legendary guardian beings that, much like this samurai sword, have the power to both protect and destroy.

Like the tsuka, the tsuba (guard) also integrates symbolic cultural elements in its design. At 3" in diameter, the tsuba has a circular shape. In Japanese culture, the circle, or "ensō", is a minimalist expression that represents strength and elegance. The black metal tsuba is patterned with fine cherry blossoms. While flowers are often seen as symbols of love in Western cultures, samurai warriors had different interpretations of them. Plum blossoms, blooming even in the unforgiving frost of winter, were viewed as symbols of resilience. The cherry blossom bore heavy significance, symbols of the fleeting nature of life. A samurai's life was compared to a cherry blossom, blooming in glory on the battlefield but falling like a flower from a tree in his death. Matching the tsuba, the metal kashira (pommel) and fuchi (collar) have a smooth black finish, completing the dignified appearance of this katana.

In addition to its fine tsuka and tsuba, this sharp katana also has a magnificent blade. This 27.72" long blade is crafted from 1045 carbon steel, a durable metal. A wavy notare style hamon line and blood grooves run down its length. The blade is sharpened, making this real katana an authentic display sword or a weapon for light cutting exercises. Even while the blade is protected in the saya (sheath), the beauty of this cherry blossom samurai sword remains apparent. The saya is constructed from PVC plastic and has a rich dark gold metallic color with a swirling pattern. Unlike wood, PVC plastic does not warp or mold, helping to preserve the integrity of the blade over time. The saya is wrapped with black sageo cords, the gold colored shito-dome visible amongst the wrappings. Overall, this traditional Japanese style sword is 40" long and 3 lbs 0.5 oz while sheathed. Although this carbon steel katana would make a fantastic display piece, you can store it in its black cloth sword bag with a tie when it isn't on display. This sword bag has gold colored kanji symbols, easy to pick out from your collection of other Japanese style swords when you're ready to show off its beauty for the admiration of others.

With its simplistic elegance and sharp blade, this cherry blossom katana is a gorgeous, functional sword. Add an authentic element to your samurai weapon collection and get one of these Traditional Samurai Katanas today!

Traditional Samurai Katana Highlights:

  • Traditional Japanese Style Design
  • Sharp 1045 Carbon Steel Blade
  • Notare Style Hamon Line and Blood Grooves
  • Black Metal Tsuba, Kashira, and Fuchi
  • White Faux Rayskin Handle with Black Wrap
  • 3" Diameter Cherry Blossom Tsuba (Guard)
  • Detailed Gold Colored Dragon Menuki (Ornaments)
  • PVC Plastic Saya with Metallic Dark Gold Color
  • Black Colored Sageo Cords - Matches Handle
  • Length (Sheathed): Approx. 40"
  • Length (Unsheathed): Approx. 39"
  • Weight (Sheathed): Approx. 3 lbs 0.5 oz
  • Weight (Unsheathed): Approx. 2 lbs 4.5 oz
  • Handle Length: Approx. 10.75"
  • Blade Length: Approx. 27.25"
  • Black Cloth Sword Bag with Gold Kanji and Tie

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