Primal Warrior Katana

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Primal Warrior Katana
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Primal Warrior Katana

Price: $99.95
Keeping a katana in your collection doesn't mean you have to spend thousands to get a high quality blade is that both beautiful and functional. The Japanese made many sword shapes that are pleasing to look at and lethal when used in battle, and continue to make many of the world's best swords to this modern day. The katana has carved out a place in our hearts as the most display worthy as well as intimidating sword, and that is the case with the Primal Warrior Katana. With its sturdy construction and decorative features, this authentic sword will bring out the wild warrior in anyone!

Bringing beauty and danger close together is a hard job, but these sword makers have done just that. Using modern materials such as 1045 carbon steel for the blade and polished PVC for the saya, the makers bring strength and elegance to this full tang Samurai sword. The hardened carbon steel is sharpened to a fine edge, and has a fuller, or a blood line, on both sides of the blade. The blade edge also features a hamon line, which shows how the makers faithfully added realistic elements to the edge to mimic the way katanas were traditionally made. These wavy patterns were significant in illustrating how blade makers stayed true to the katana lineage by having a harder blade edge and a softer spine, allowing for flexibility in the sword as a whole. 1045 carbon describes the amount of carbon added to the mixture of metal during the smelt, and the number depicts the hardness of the steel. Since no chromium is added to the mixture, this warrior sword is not considered stainless, but the high carbon makes for a softer blade that is still durable and easier to handle.

Speaking of handles, the authentic grip wrapping of a Samurai katana is part of what makes them such beautiful decorative swords. Named tsukamaki, this iconic style of cord wrap gives the bearer of this beautiful sword better grip than a flat handle while also protecting the end from cuts or sweat damage. To keep the intricate wrap in place, this sword has synthetic ray skin around the inner handle piece, giving enough non-slip texture to keep the cords from pushing and pulling in different directions. Through the diamond pattern of the wrap, you can see a golden dragon figurine, known as a menuki. This is present because it not only increases the ornate nature of the katana and brings the protection of a guardian dragon to the animal warrior, but also to functionally help secure the handle to the full tang steel blade. The tsuba of a ninja sword is also important in both functional and ornamental ways, being both a hand guard to protect your fingers from the incoming slice of an opponent, and also the way of the swordsmith displaying their more refined skills for metal carving. This metal tsuba has one side of traditional Japanese art wave patterns, and the other has waves with a dragon weaving around the center. This protective piece measures 2.75 inches in diameter, so the picture can be seen nicely from those holding the sword and those who are admiring this blade on display.

The PVC scabbard sets this weapon apart since it makes the hard cover resistant to molding or warping if exposed to moisture. It protects the 28-inch sharpened blade in style with a animal print pattern, reminiscent of tiger fur, over the entire saya, and a heavy duty plastic black cap on the ground resting end. With a total length of about 40 inches, this fixed blade Japanese-style sword is going to stretch beautifully on your hip, on your wall, or sitting on the black sword stand that is included. This warrior katana also comes with a black covering bag, so you can ceremoniously unveil it to your friends. The tan wrapped cords compliment the animal print of the PVC saya, making this a perfect candidate sword for your front room or in your office. The pommel, or end of the handle, is covered with a detailed metal cap that also hosts a protective dragon. With the sharpened edge of this well crafted blade, one can even practice light combat techniques, but refer to the sword care instructions included with this Samurai weapon.

At just under 3 pounds, this impressive Japanese style katana will be the crown jewel of your warrior costume, or will be an inspirational decoration that can double as a defensive weapon at home in a time of need. With a shining steel blade, ornate dragon decorations, and durable PVC scabbard, you can make this weapon of war into a symbol of peace as you preserve the tradition of a primal warrior.

Primal Warrior Katana Highlights:

  • 1045 Carbon Steel Blade
  • Golden Dragon Menuki
  • Sharpened Blade with Dual Fuller
  • Synthetic Ray Skin On Handle
  • Traditional Tan Cord Wrap
  • Antiqued Metal Tsuba with Dragons
  • Aesthetic Hamon Line
  • Durable PVC Scabbard
  • Total Length: Approx. 40.5"
  • Sword Length: Approx 39"
  • Blade Length: Approx. 28"
  • Handle Length: Approx. 11"
  • Tsuba Diameter: Approx. 2.75"
  • Sword Weight: Approx. 2lbs 4oz
  • Total Weight: Approx. 3lbs
  • Includes Sword Bag and Stand
  • Orange and Black Patterned Scabbard
  • Dragon Decoration On Pommel
  • Quality Craftsmanship

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