Polypropylene Gladiator Sword

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Polypropylene Gladiator Sword
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Polypropylene Gladiator Sword

Price: $39.95

Time to get up from your chair and start training with the Polypropylene Gladiator Sword. A poly-fiber weapon is going to help you practice your moves and not slice up the gymnasium as you prepare for the games in the arena. With a lightweight gladius sword, you will have more energy for more fights!

The Roman Empire was having a tough time in the 3rd century. As a procession of emperors had conquered most of the Mediterranean, the army was demanding higher and higher pay for their efforts. Since they had looted most of the surrounding lands and gold coffers, they were now out of people to steal from, except each other. This meant civil war broke out and the countryside was rife with pillagers from the homeland and foreign invaders. Marching around to protect the expanded borders would have been hard enough, and lugging a massive broadsword around would have caused fighters to mutiny. So they made the weapons smaller, but still ample enough for good protection and aggression in hand to hand combat. Swinging this version of the blade around is so much lighter and faster, giving you the same look and feel of a Roman soldier, but without the sore muscles and missing toes. Cast from virtually indestructible polypropylene, this practice weapon is durable enough to last longer than most Roman emperors.

The sword comes in a Spatha shape (not from Sparta, though closely related), that is a straight edge with no curve as it reaches 22 inches on the blade, with a total length of 29.5 inches. It tapers very slightly, and comes to a point at the end, though it is not sharp enough to pop a balloon, let alone cause any damage to your sparring partner. This allows you to focus on form, placement, and impact as opposed to running to find a band aid because you accidently sliced yourself. A checkerboard pattern is imprinted down the center of the blade, and the handle guard is decorated with a symmetrical floral design. The pommel is a rounded bulb at the end of the handle, there to keep this polymer sword in your hand during training exercises. At 15.2 ounces, this black synthetic weapon is built to deliver the hits without obliterating your enemy, or causing real life damage to your arm and shoulder muscles.

No Roman would set out to march without their gladiator swords, so make sure to strap yours to your toga or suit of armor before embarking on long travels. Bring your cosplay to life with a lightweight poly-fiber gladius weapon that will look great during your fight scenes. Ramp up that costume with a training sword that is easy to carry and safe enough to swing around. Just don't pillage your neighbors, as they may be armed with the real thing!

Polypropylene Gladiator Sword Highlights:

  • Extremely Durable Polymer Material
  • Black Spatha Blade Shape
  • Embossed Checkered Pattern Along Blade
  • Injection-Molded Polypropylene Parts
  • Total Weight: approx. 15.2oz
  • Total Length: approx. 29.5"
  • Blade Length: approx. 22"
  • Handle Length: approx. 6.25"
  • Pommel Diameter: approx. 1"
  • Handguard Dimensions: 4" X 1.25"
  • Decorative Print on Hand Guard
  • Crisscrossed Grip Lines on Handle
  • Full Sized and Lightweight
  • Spar with Friends or Disarm Enemies in Battle!
  • Fits any Roman, Spartan, or Medieval Costume!

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