Polypropylene Gladius Sword

Price: $39.95
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Polypropylene Gladius Sword
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Polypropylene Gladius Sword

Price: $39.95

Are you training for the colosseum, but need to keep all your hands and feet intact? Then reach for the Polypropylene Gladius Sword so you can train with confidence! The durable material of this Roman hand sword can take on anything, even the Spartans, so make sure to practice your defensive and offensive skills before you go to battle!

This polymer gladiator weapon is injection-molded to form a single piece gladius that will match a real sword round for round in the arena. The jet black color from the plastic keeps the sun from reflecting into your eyes, and means that you won't have fingerprint smudges to clean off. Polypropylene is a modern material that comes in little beads so you can melt them to form whatever shape you want. And we wanted a gladiator weapon that was fit for combat! The way the beads cool and form together makes them nearly impossible to separate, so you can have confidence as you strike blows to your enemy or practice target. The blade portion is a classic Roman style, with a slight curve in and growing wider near the top until the end tapers to a point. The dull edge runs 23.75 inches from the handle to the tip, and carries an ornately detailed pattern of swirls and dihedral shapes embossed down the center. Used primarily by the murmillo fighters, this short sword is a replica of what was used along with a shield during a match. These contenders were also known for wearing the full metal face mask, and basically are the stuff of nightmares.

Are you taking a walk to practice your victory lap around for the fans? Strap all 32.25 inches of this historic gladius replica sword to your back or in your belt. Would you rather wave around your weapon to strike fear into the hearts of your opponents? Then you'll get a good feel for the gripped handle on this polymer training short sword. The handle is decorated with stripped sections to mimic the leather once used to wrap the handles for the warriors of old. This will provide you with a contoured grip so you can swing all 1.25 pounds of the this sturdy prop weapon around with control. The pommel has a sphere endcap that is used for swinging this plastic broadsword around, and it also unscrews so you can remove the decorated handguard if you so choose. This allows you hold the no-nonsense textured pole inside. This feature is useful in letting you decide your grip as you decide your enemy's fate! Actually, that's the emperor's job.

Practice delivering hits with this safe training gladius, or hang it from your wall to inspire you as you honor the victorious gladiators of the past. Be it Spartacus himself, or a different Roman warrior who survived match after match. The gladiators were known for their strength, discipline, and the ability to wield their sword with authority. With this poly-fiber training weapon and some resolve, you too can fight for glory!

Polypropylene Gladius Sword Highlights:

  • Injection-Molded Polypropylene
  • Traditional Roman Sword Shape
  • Unsharpened for Safe Practice
  • Beautiful Ornate Printed Detailing
  • Blade Length: approx. 23.75"
  • Handle Length: approx. 4.75"
  • Total Length: approx. 32.25"
  • Handguard: approx. 5" X 1.5"
  • Rounded 2.75" X 2.5" Pommel
  • Total Weight: approx. 1 lb 4 oz
  • Removable Handle and Handguard
  • Can be broken down into 4 pieces
  • Textured Straight Handle Grip
  • Jet Black Poly-fiber Material
  • Great for Real Gladiator Training!
  • Excellent Prop Weapon for Cosplay!

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     WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/
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